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Is Michael Fanone Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Michael Fanone

Michael Fanone is a contributor on CNN’s live broadcasts and a law enforcement analyst in the United States. He is also a retired police officer. Fanone worked for the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia from the year 2001 up till the year 2021.

Michael was injured during the attack on the United States Capitol that took place the year before. After he had recovered from his wounds and spent some time recovering from the attacks, he decided to join the United States Capitol Police. His mother, Terry, is a social worker, and his father, whose name is unknown but who worked as a lawyer, brought him up and gave birth to him in the city of Washington, District of Columbia.

He has lived there all of his life. Unhappily, Michael’s parents divorced when he was a young child, when he was between the ages of four and eight years old. Do you want to know who is Michael Fanone’s wife, is he married to a spouse? His ex-wife and kids? Then read this article to learn more.

Is Michael Fanone Married to a Wife?

Image of Michael Fanone

Michael Fanone is an American law enforcement analyst and former police officer.

Regrettably, there is no knowledge of Michael’s relationship status because he did not say anything about his girlfriend or wife in any interviews or posts that he gave on social media. But the information on a reliable website suggests that he has four children, two of whom live with his former wife and the other two with another lady.

It is still not available about his possible girlfriend or wife, but don’t worry about it since we will update this post if new information comes out about this subject.

Michael Fanone was Married to ex-wife Hsin-Yi Wang.

Image of Michael Fanone with his ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang

Michael Fanone with his ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang

Sources claim that Fanone was previously wed to Hsin-Yi Wang, also known as Victoria Wang. It is said that she initially worked as an executive assistant in the District of Columbia.

It is believed that the pair first came face to face in a bar; on June 5, 2010, it is reported that they got married and started their lives together after having already been living together for some time. At some point during the couple’s meal at the Park Café on Capitol Hill, Fanone came up with the idea to make their marriage proposal.

The ambiance was ideal for a night spent in intense closeness with one another. It would appear that no one is aware of the precise date or the specific circumstances that led to the breakup of their marriage.

In 2013, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Michael Fanone’s wife received the diagnosis that she suffered from persistent ear infections. This was almost exactly two years after the birth of their daughter.

When she needed surgery at the Columbia Fairfax Surgical Center, it was a trying time for the people who were closest to her. Since Wang and Falone are no longer married at this time, she has decided to move back in with her mother. 

Michael Fanone’s Kids

Image of Michael Fanone with his ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang, and their daughter

Michael Fanone with his ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang, and their daughter

I. Piper Fanone
She is the oldest child of Michael, a former police officer, and Hsin-Yi Wang, the woman he previously married. Piper entered the world in 2011, which means that she is currently 11 years old.

II. Seraphina Ming Fanone
She is the youngest child that Michael Fanone had with his ex-wife, Hsin-Yi Wang. Seraphina was born on August 16th, 2013, making her current age eight years old.

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