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Is Michael Evans Behling Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Michael Evans Behling Born in Ohio, United States

Michael Evans Behling is an American actor well-recognized for portraying the character Jordan Baker in the American sports drama television series All American, which is aired on The CW Television Network. Additionally, he is also a model for several globally-known brands such as Adidas, White Castle, and Nike, among many others.

Learn about the life of American actor and model Michael Evans Behling in this article with information about his relationship status and if he is dating anyone.

Who is Michael Evans Behling’s wife? Read here for more!

Is Michael Evans Behling Married to a Wife?

Image of Michael Evans Behling Known for his role as Jordan Baker
Michael Evans Behling Known for his role as Jordan Baker

The actor that many fans adore is sadly off the market and is dating a girlfriend. According to an interview he made with xoNecole in February of 2019, he is currently in a relationship and is taken.

Even though he is in a romantic relationship, the identity of his girlfriend is unrevealed to the public still. Due to his take on life, he has not been seen with anyone potential enough to be his girlfriend; he has not posted anything regarding his affairs on any social media accounts.

The anonymity of his partner surely has made fans ponder about it. Though he had not shared anything about her, Michael Evans Behling’s wife, he had shared his ideals of a woman and in a relationship.

The qualities he likes in a significant other would be communicability, goofiness, and genuineness. He has a thing for dates and hanging out at a spot with a nice view afterward.

Furthermore, he had disclosed a lesson he learned from a previous relationship, that it is alright if things ended and in whatever way they did. Aside from that, he had not mentioned any more specifics of his past relationship.

It is hard to ascertain if he and his undisclosed girlfriend have been together until now. Hopefully, she can be Michael Evans Behling’s wife in the future, and we can meet her soon.

Michael Evans Behling’s Biography

Image of Michael Evans Behling an American Actor
Michael Evans Behling an American Actor

He was born on the 5th day of March 1996 in Columbus, Ohio, to a Nigerian father and German mother; he is 26 years old. Later, he was adopted by Mike and Carol Behling, and they later moved to Columbus, Indiana, along with his siblings, Adam, Matt, and Andrea.

He went to Columbus North High School, where he was a football player for two years before he ran track and field. He attended Indian State University and was a pre-med student for two years before dropping out to pursue his modeling and acting career.

He ran track as well before eventually stopping because of foot injuries.

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