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Michael Bisping is Married to Wife: Rebecca Bisping. Kids

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Image of Michael and Rebecca Bisping with her kids, Lucas, Callum, and Ellie.

Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping, prominently known as just Michael Bisping, is an actor, commentator, a former mixed martial artist, and a sports analyst. He used to participate in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) light heavyweight and middleweight categories.

Nicosia, Cyprus, is where the sports analyst was born. He was brought into this world on the 28th of February 1979.

He was raised in Clitheroe, Lancashire. The high school he attended was named  St Augustine’s Roman Catholic High School, Billington.

As a child, he had always been interested in fighting sports such as Jujutsu, boxing, karate, and kickboxing. He decided to pursue kickboxing because of advice from a kickboxing trainer.

The actor has worked several jobs to make ends meet. Some are slaughterhouse workers, demolition men, upholsterers, tilers, mail carriers, salesman, plasterers, and a factory worker.

Are you curious about Michael Bisping’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his marriage life and kids. 

Michael Bisping has been Married to Rebecca Bisping since 2014.

Image of Michael Bisping with his wife, Rebecca Bisping
Michael Bisping with his wife, Rebecca Bisping

Being a man of substance, the dating status of Michael Bisping is frequently looked up on the internet. According to reports, the sports analyst and his wife have been married to a wife named Rebecca Bisping since the year 2014.

According to rumors, the two have been dating for a long time. Moreover, they got engaged in 2008 but did not get married until 2014.

The couple had been together for almost two decades. Michael Bisping’s wife is normally seen during the mixed martial artist’s fight.

She is also a regular guest on the commentator’s podcast entitled believe you me. In an interview, Rebecca mentioned that looking at comments about her husband is something she will never do because people usually see Michael as a fighter and not a person.

Being a prominent fighter, her husband, Michael, is usually seen as a tough person. However, she revealed that he is the softest guy she knows.

Currently, the couple decided to keep details about their relationship to themselves despite being seen frequently in public. The preference is reportedly respected by their supporters because they expressed that their happiness is what matters the most.

Who is Rebecca Bisping?

Rebecca Bisping is most famous for being Michael Bisping’s wife. She is usually with her husband during his fights as an MMA fighter.

She was born on the 30th of October with no specific year revealed. The sports analyst grew up in Adelaide, Australia.

Although she appears publicly, she managed to keep her private life away from the limelight. Information that includes her early life, career, and family is not known to the public as of this writing.

According to the actor, she is the best girl any guy could ask for. The support of his wife is incomparable to anything in this world. 

Michael Bisping’s Kids

Image of Rebecca Bisping with her kids, Lucas, Callum, and Ellie.
Rebecca Bisping with her kids, Lucas, Callum, and Ellie.

Their lengthy relationship blessed them with three beautiful children. However, they kept details about their children during their early life.

The only information available during the kids’ childhood was their names. The couple named them Lucas, Callum, and Ellie.

As the kids grew older, they were gradually introduced to the public. Their parents came to realize that the fame the commentator has would be beneficial for their kids’ future.

In 2021, reports disclosed that Ellie completed her secondary studies. As of this writing, there is no news about where she would enter college.

Lucas, on the other hand, is following their father’s legacy of being a wrestler. On a competition concluded recently, he won second place.

Additionally, because of his father’s influence, Lucas won the MVP Award. It was his first award in wrestling, and it is a good place to start.

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