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Is Meatcanyon Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Meatcanyon with his wife, Alison Hancock

Meatcanyon, also known as Hunter Hancock, is a famous YouTuber and animator who rose to the top of the platform by uploading animation scenarios to his channel. Currently, he is one of the YouTubers experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity.

It is easy to recognize his distinctive artistic style in his parody videos. The YouTube star has an impressive fan following over his social media handles, Instagram with over 180k followers; his YouTube, which is closing to 5 million followers; and Twitter, with over 200k followers.

After he showed his face in September of 2021, he became the topic of discussion in the media. It was on December 30th, 1982, that he was born, and he recently celebrated his birthday; this brings his age to 39.

Check out his Instagram at @meatcanyon, his YouTube channel at @Meatcanyon, and his Twitter at @meatcanyon if you are interested in learning more about his personal life and videos.

Are you curious about Meatcanyon’s wife, a YouTube star? And does he have Kids? Then continue to read to learn more.

Meatcayon and Alison Hancock Married life

Image of Meatcanyon with his wife, Alison Hancock
Meatcanyon with his wife, Alison Hancock

The internet sensation has tied the knot with a lady named Alison Hancock. The specific date of their wedding was unknown; however, a post written by Meatcanyon’s wife on October 15, 2020, claimed that the couple had tied the knot on that day.

Unfortunately, no information is available to the public regarding how Metacanyon first became acquainted with his lovely wife, Alison. Despite this, the YouTube star and his wife have continued to become even closer over the course of time, and there haven’t been any rumors or speculations about them splitting up to this point.

It is reasonable to assume that the relationship between the charming couple is strong and continues to flourish as more time passes.

Alison Hancock’s Biography

Alison is a well-known artist on Instagram and happens to be the wife of Meatcanyon, a famous YouTuber. You can find her on Instagram, where she posts distinctive works of art that have garnered a lot of positive feedback and helped her rise to fame.

Regrettably, we cannot access information about her, including her date of birth, age, profession, or parents. We will certainly revise this article if there is any newly discovered information about Meatcanyon’s wife.

Do Meatcayon and his wife Alison have kids together?

Even after all this time, Meatcayon and his lovely wife Alison have no children together. However, you shouldn’t be concerned because their love for each other is still developing and growing stronger, and it’s possible that they will have children together whom they will adore for the rest of their lives in a few years.

Don’t worry, because if any new information about their children comes to light, this post will be immediately updated.

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