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MC Serch is Married to Wife: Chantel Berrin. Kids

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Image of MC Serch with his wife, Chantel Berrin

Michael Berrin, famously known by the moniker MC Serch, is a music executive, rapper, and producer. He is reportedly from the United States of America.

The rapper used to be in bands when he was still younger. According to reports, he was in the bands named Non-Phixion and 3rd Bass.

Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, was where the music executive was born and raised. Details about his parents are not disclosed to the public as of this writing.

He attended the local high school in his hometown. The rapper pursued Music & Art High School to specialize in his craft.

The producer came from an orthodox Jewish family. Hence, there is an understanding that his family is a conservative one.

Are you curious about MC Serch’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his marriage life and kids. 

MC Serch is Married to Chantel Berrin

Image of MC Serch with his wife, Chantel Berrin
MC Serch with his wife, Chantel Berrin

As a music enthusiast, the artist’s listeners frequently look up his dating status on the internet. It was never a secret that MC Serch is married to a wife named Chantel Berrin.

According to reports, the rapper and his wife have been dating since 1988. Four years into the relationship, they decided to tie the knot in 1992.

It was not under wraps that the producer’s religion is Judaism. To be legally married, MC Serch’s wife decided to change her religion to Judaism.

An interview in 1993 was executed, and Chantel cleared up that it was her calling to change religion. In other words, she was not obliged to do so.

It was a huge step to change one’s view about what they believed in for a long time. It just proves how much MC Serch’s wife loves her husband.

The producer once mentioned how funny his life turned out to be. Coming from a conservative family, he is surprisingly a rapper and is in an interracial marriage.

They have been married for more than three decades, and they are still obviously very much in love with each other. Posting each other on their respective social media accounts is proof of the sweetness of their relationship throughout the years.

On Chantel Berrin’s birthday on the 28th of December 2013, the producer posted a picture of her. He captioned how much he owes his wife for being the best and supporting him in his life ventures.

The music executive also expressed how his wife was instrumental in his growth as a person and as an artist. He is the proudest of his wife for enduring the years he was absent to improve his career.

Serch labeled her wife as a biggert star than he was. He added that he wishes to love and honor his wife for the entirety of his life. 

MC Serch’s Kids

Given their lengthy married life, the couple shares three children. According to reports, they have a son and two daughters.

The couple wishes to keep information about their children private. They aim to protect them from the wrong side of the media since they have witnessed it all as Serch is a producer.

There are reports disclosing that the couple’s eldest daughter is named Mia. She is in the music industry as her father.

She is in a New York rock band called Pom Pom Squad. She happened to be the lead singer of the band.

MC Serch’s wife deserves all the credit for raising such a successful family. People are looking up to her because of her ability to balance being a wife and a mother of three.

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