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Maximillion Cooper’s First Wife: Julie Brangstrup. Kids.

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Image of Maximillion Cooper with his present wife, Eve

Many people in the entertainment industry ventured into other fields aside from filmmaking, and one of them is Maximillion Cooper. He rose to fame after being a successful entrepreneur, social media influencer, creative director, and fashion stylist.

The professional filmmaker was born in Stone, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdon, on June 7, 1972, and is now 49. He has produced many films and television series, including Gumball 3000: The Movie, Love Live Long, 3000 Miles, Gumball 3000: Drivin’ Me Crazy, and Gumball 3000: 6 Days in May.

Cooper has a passion for arts and design, which led him to success in different industries. He has an excellent educational background as he went to Sussex University and Central St. Martins College of Art and Design.

With his talented skills in producing films and doing projects that impact his audience’s lives, people wonder if he has someone to motivate him to make more beautiful films. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need about Maximillion Cooper’s wife, partner, first wife, and children.

Maximillion Cooper’s First Wife

Image of Maximillion Cooper with his first wife, Julie Brangstrup

Maximillion Cooper with his first wife, Julie Brangstrup

Many people have made the famous filmmaker the topic of rumors as he had a complicated love history, and they want to know if it is true. During the days when the businessman was starting to make a name for himself, fans were intrigued about who Maximillion Cooper’s wife was.

Years have passed by, and they could not still forget his first wife, who made him feel loved and appreciated. The woman we are talking about is Julie Brangstrup, and she is a stunning woman who did her best to support her ex-husband.

According to sources, the couple married each other in 2003 and went strong throughout the years. They knew how to solve misunderstandings and conflicts inside their relationship through the help of communication and comprehensive understanding.

The former couple displayed a healthy relationship with the public, and people loved them for being an adorable couple. Julie was described back then as Maximillion Cooper’s wife, but sadly, after their seven years of living together, the pair decided that it was best if they let go of each other.

Many people speculated about the problems the former couple faced during their marriage. However, there were no confirmations from the ex-partners, and they would like to keep things private to protect their reputation and family.

Julie Brangstrup’s Biography

Julie Brangstrup is formerly called Maximillion Cooper’s wife, and she is in line with the filmmaker’s industry. Many people thought they would last long as actors and producers with incredible skills.

The famous actress was born in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark, in 1978 and is now estimated to be around 43 to 44 years old. She explored other fields aside from the showbiz industry and was successful after getting the position in Cash & Rocket as a Chief Executive Officer.

She is also an academic completer as she obtained a degree in Business Administration and Psychology. Undoubtedly, Julie and Maximillion would be a perfect fit together, but it is just the odds that were not in favor of their relationship.

Julie is an advocate of female empowerment but also charitable projects. Cash & Rocket launched because they wanted to persuade international brands that support charities to come together and support women and children to get a right to education.

Maximilian Cooper’s Present Wife

Image of Maximillion Cooper with his current wife, Eve

Maximillion Cooper with his current wife, Eve

Maximillion Cooper did not quit looking for love and eventually found Eve. She is an American rapper and got engaged to the social media influencer on December 5, 2013.

They dated for a short time to get to know each other and see if their personalities were compatible. After one year of being engaged, the pair decided to exchange vows and rings on June 14, 2014.

People are sure that Eve is happy to be called Maximillion Cooper’s wife, and she is now living a luxurious life with the well-known businessman.

Maximillion Cooper’s Kids

Before being divorced, Julie Brangstrup was Maximillion Cooper’s wife, and they gave birth to four children. They have displayed a good relationship, and ever since, they have been viewed by the public as a perfect couple.

Their children are Cash Cooper, Jagger Cooper, Lotus Cooper, and Mini Cooper. Cash was born on January 24, 2006, Jagger on September 23, 2003, Lotus on June 12, 2002, and Mini on July 15, 2008.

According to sources, the former couple did not release a statement regarding the co-parenting of their children. Our team will update this article once they disclose more information regarding the matter.

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