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Maximillion Cooper is Married to Wife: Eve Jihan Cooper. Kids.

Image of Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Jihan Cooper

Maximillion Cooper is a well-known entrepreneur, fashion designer, creative director, social media influencer, race car driver, and producer who was born in Stone, Staffordshire, England, in the United Kingdom. The fact that he is the spouse of the famous American rapper Eve has brought him widespread fame in the country.

Cooper established himself as a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur in the year of 1999 in January, Maximillion founded the Gumball 3000 Group, and has been in business ever since. On January 7, 1972, the well-known entrepreneur entered the world through his parents, whose information is unavailable. Maximillion is currently 49 years old as of now.

Do you want to know the renowned entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper’s wife? And his ex-wife and kids? find out by reading more.

Maximillion Cooper is Married to Wife Eve Jihan Cooper since 2014

Image of Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Jihan Cooper
Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Jihan Cooper

The entrepreneur Maximillion and his future wife Eve were introduced to one another for the first time in the year 2010 when Eve participated in the businessman’s annual Gumball 3000 event under the sponsorship of Puma. After getting to know one other, they eventually were married in a lavish ceremony in Ibiza in 2014, and in June of 2021, they celebrated having been together for seven years.

The happy couple recently announced that they are expecting their first child together. On October 16, 2021, Maximillion Cooper’s Wife made her pregnancy announcement on Instagram by posting a picture of her growing baby bulge alongside a moving image of her husband’s hand wrapped around her.

There has been no rumor or speculation concerning the couple’s breakup up until this point in time. The relationship between Maximillion and his famous wife does not appear to be suffering any signs of strain as the year’s pass.

Eve Jihan Cooper’s Biography

Eve Jihan Cooper, commonly known as Eve, is a well-known rapper, singer, and a great actor from the USA. Eve was the child of Julie Wilcher, who worked as a supervisor for a publishing company, and Jerry Jeffers, who worked as a supervisor for a chemical facility.

Eve was born in Philadelphia. Before moving to the Germantown neighborhood with her family when she was 13 years old, Maximillion Cooper’s Wife had spent her entire life in the West Philadelphia area.

Her high school, Martin Luther King in Philadelphia, is where Eve received her diploma and made her parents proud. 1999, Maximillion Cooper’s Wife self-released her debut album, which she titled “Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady.”

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard album chart, making her the third female rapper in history to achieve this milestone. After that, Eve released a total of three more albums: “Scorpion,” which came out in the year 2001, “Eve-Olution,” which came out in the year 2002, and “Lip Lock,” an album that was released in 2013.

Maximillion Cooper was Married to an Ex-wife Julie Brangstrup from 2003 to 2010

Maximillion Cooper previously married Julie Brangstrup before marrying the renowned rapper Eve. The well-known entrepreneur and his ex-wife Julie tied the knot in 2003 and were happy together for many years.

However, just like any relationship, it has problems, and after seven years of being together, Maximilian and Julie got separated in 2010. During their marriage, Cooper and his ex-wife Julie became a parent to three children named Lotus, Jagger, and Cash Cooper.

It is unfortunate that they got separated, but life is like that. They have already moved on, and the ex-couple have their own partner as of now.

Maximillion Cooper’s Kids

Image of Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Jihan Cooper, with the kids
Maximillion Cooper with his wife, Eve Jihan Cooper, with the kids

The well-known entrepreneur now has four kids, three with his ex-wife Julie named Lotus, Jagger, and Cash Cooper. Unfortunately, his kid with his current wife, Eve, is still unknown to the public.

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