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Max Irons is Married to Wife: Sophie Pera. Kids.

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Image of Max Irons an English-Irish Actor and Model

Max Irons is a well-recognized Irish-English actor known for portraying character roles in films such as Red Riding Hood (2011), The White Queen (2013), and The Host (2013). Furthermore, he is a model who has worked for modeling companies including Mango, Burberry, and Macy’s.

Check more of this article about famous actor Max Iron’s wife, Sophie Pera, and learn about their relationship. Also, learn about his dating history.

Max Irons has been married to his wife Sophie Pera since 2019

Image of Max Irons with his wife Sophie Pera
Max Irons with his wife, Sophie Pera

The actor met an Italian fellow actress and model named Sophie Pera. They started dating soon and eventually decided to take their relationship more seriously.

In the October of 2013, he bent down to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. They finally got married, and she became Max Iron’s wife on the 30th day of November 2019, after six long years of engagement, in Oxfordshire county, South East England.

The lavish wedding ceremony was held privately before their family and friends. After almost three years of marriage, there have been no separation rumors of the married couple, and they have been happily living in either of their two homes in New York and London.

Sophie Pera’s Biography

Image of Sophie Pera a Fashion Director with her Husband
Sophie Pera, a Fashion Director with her Husband

Max Iron’s wife was born on the 5th day of November 1981 in Milan, Italy, to an American mother and French father; she is 40. Their family moved to Paris when she was two, and that is where she grew up.

She finished a Philosophy degree at St. Andrews University. Apart from her rise to fame as Max Iron’s wife, she is an actress, model, and journalist.

Her career began when she became an assistant of Anna Wintour of American Vogue. In addition, she is also a fashion director for Tatler, a British magazine based in Oxfordshire.

Even with her busy schedule, Max Irons’s wife has been a supportive partner who always makes time for her husband and in public events with him. Unfortunately, there is no found Wikipedia profile of Max Iron’s wife, Sophie Pera.

We will revise the information in this article as one comes up.

Dating history

The British model had his fair share of women dated before his union with his wife, Sophie.

  • Emily Browning

He dated the Australian actress for a while back when they met in Los Angeles in February 2011. Their affair ended as the actress broke up with him after a year in July 2012.

  • Saoirse Ronan

In March 2013, he dated The Host co-star, Saoirse, but their romance was short-lived.

  • Clémence Poésy

It was rumored that he and the French actress dated for some time in 2013. However, there were no clarifications regarding the gossip made by either of the two.

Aside from the stated details, there were no others shared by the actor and known by the public.

Max Irons’ Kids

In a Country & Town House 2020 interview, he shared that he had been thinking of having kids and moving to the countryside. Despite being wedded for almost three years, the couple has not gotten pregnant and are yet to have their children.

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