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Max Homa is Married to Wife: Lacey Croom. Kids

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Image of Max Homa with his wife, Lacey Croom

John Maxwell Homa is a golfer from the United States of America. He has been a player on the PGA Tour since 2014.

On the 19th of November 1990, the professional golfer was born. The place of his birth was identified to be in Burbank, California.

During his college days, he had been competing in golf already. In 2013, he won the individual NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship.

His prior experience brought him to play for the PGA Tour. Since he was signed up, he has already won four times.

Are you curious about Max Homa’s wife? Continue reading to find out more about him, including his marriage and kids.

Max Homa is Married to Lacey Croom

Image of Max Homa with his wife, Lacey Croom
Max Homa with his wife, Lacey Croom

Being a man of looks and talent, the love life of the professional golfer is frequently looked up online. Nonetheless, reports claim that Homa is married to a wife.

According to sources, Max Homa’s wife is named Lacey Room. The couple dated for a long time before deciding to tie the knot.

The exact date of their marriage is not known as of this writing, but it occurred sometime in November 2019. The speculations about their marriage date came from the golfer’s post on his Instagram celebrating their wedding anniversary in November of 2020.

The PGA Tour player is smitten with the love of his life. He revealed the identity of his wife on his Instagram.

His caption stated that he loves her, and she is always the number one in anything. He added that he enjoys the married life, and he does not want to spend the night on the couch.

Further details regarding the couple’s marriage are not available as of this writing. However, they are currently living happily with each other’s presence.

Who is Lacey Croom?

Lacey Croom is most prominent for being Max Homa’s wife. She is reportedly the childhood sweetheart of the professional golfer.

She went to California State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Her collegiate studies ended in the year 2013.

As of this writing, Max Homa’s wife is a real estate agent. She is a Licensed Realtor and a Licensed Real-Estate Appraiser.

According to reports, the real estate agent just turned 30 in 2021. However, the specific date of her birth is yet to be identified.

She has reportedly worked in real estate sales for a while now. The commission from her job is her primary source of income.

There is no specific information available about the early life of the golfer’s wife. She lived privately and away from the media even before they started dating.

Max Homa’s Kids

Max Homa and his wife, Lacey Croom, just got married recently. Ergo, reports about having kids are not available as of this writing.

While waiting for the perfect time to raise their children, the couple currently takes care of a dog they named Scotty. They bring him with them wherever they go to let him experience the beauty of life.

For now, Scotty is their child. According to reports, the duo is still preparing themselves holistically before bringing a child into this world.

They want to give the best as parents to their family. Once they are blessed with one, they would, for sure, support and give the best love there is for their youngster.

The athlete once mentioned in an interview that he enjoys traveling with his wife and their dog. They want to stay with the tradition for a while before committing to the life-long decision of having a child.

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