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Matthy Mattheson is Married to Wife: Trish Spencer. Kids: Louis and McArthur.

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Matthy Mattheson wife Trish Spencer

Canadian Chef Matthy Mattheson is one of the pioneers of modern cooking. Mattheson is what you’d call a crazy person from a conventional standpoint.

His dishes are far from what you’d call normal. More often than not, what Matthy cooks is odd and bizarre.

But no matter how crazily weird they are, there’s only one thing for sure, and it is that it’d taste amazing.

Canadian chef Matthy Mattheson
Canadian chef and internet personality, Matthy Mattheson

In terms of physique, Matthy is not the fittest and most gentle-looking chef out there.

Some people might even mistake him for a tattoo artist or a rockstar. Though many people stereotype Matthy, he is indeed a chef and a gentle soul, just for the record.

“Good food is the best way to a man’s heart,” is what you would often hear from women who have proven it over and over again.

But in hindsight, the same thing can be said to women or any gender of the kind. And Matthy, as an innovative chef, surely must’ve rammed his way through someone’s heart with his food, no? Let’s find out

Matthy Mattheson’s Wife: Trish Spencer

In August of 2014, Matthy tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Trish Spencer, in Ontario, Canada. The couple held their wedding ceremony on a beach.

The couple first started as what people would call ‘highschool sweethearts.’ According to sources, the two hit it off immediately after being introduced to each other by Spencer’s sister.

Born in Canada, Trish Spencer works as a fashion and lifestyle expert. With fashion being her expertise, Spencer runs a bridal boutique called Loversland situated in Toronto.

There are not many records of her early life, and before that besides the fact that she was born and grew up in New Brunswick, Canada.

Matthy Mattheson with his wife Trish Spencer
Canadian chef and internet personality, Matthy Mattheson with his wife Trish Spencer

Spencer is a very private person and has always kept his personal life buttoned up. Though Matthy would occasionally share through Instagram his wife’s meals and tell people that she can hold her own when cooking.

Trish Spencer as Matthy Mattheson’s support system

Spencer has always been Matthy’s support system. Before becoming the guy that we all know, Matthy consumed cocaine on a regular basis; in other terms, he was a cocaine junkie.

That addiction would lead to multiple health complications, of which a heart attack when he was 29 was the worst.

Seemingly, his near-death experience turned him into a new leaf and turned his back to substance abuse for good. Amid his addiction, Spencer stayed with Matthy and helped him sober up.

Matty Mattheson and Trish Spencer’s Kids

Currently, Matt and Trish parents their daughter and son named Louis and McArthur, respectively. Besides the forefront of being a chef, Matthy is also a family man.

He would often take time to share moments with his kids on his socials.

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