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Marvin Hagler is Married to Wife: Kay Guarrera. 5 Kids. Past Relationships.

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Image of Marvin Hagler with his former partner, Kay Guarrera

World-renowned American former professional boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler tragically passed away on the 13th day of March 2021 due to natural causes at age 66. He was a preeminent boxer primarily known for his solid left hand despite naturally being right-handed.

He was given numerous recognitions, including National Amateur Middleweight Championship and Outstanding Fighter Award in 1973. Find out more about the late American former professional boxer Marvin Hagler’s wife and previous relationships throughout his life. Also, details about his kids.

Marvin Hagler was married to his wife Kay Guarrera from 2000 to 2021

Image of Marvin Hagler with his former partner, Kay Guarrera
Marvin Hagler with his former partner, Kay Guarrera

Before his tragic passing, the American boxer had a second chance in marriage. He met an Italian woman named Kay Guarrera after he moved to Italy when he got divorced from his past marriage.

It is unclear when they started dating. Eventually, they married in Pioletello, Italy, Kay’s hometown, and she officially became Marvin Hagler’s wife.

Even if he had a residence in Bartlett, New Hampshire, he had lived in Milan with his wife until his untimely death in 2021 after 21 years of marriage. Marvin Hagler’s wife had announced the demise of the former Boxing champion.

Kay Guarrera’s Biography

Marvin Hagler’s wife is Kay Guarrera, who, based on sources, was born in 1973, which makes her age in the late 40s. She came from Pioltello, Italy, the same place where she and her late husband got married.

Due to her take on life, most of her basic information is undisclosed to the public, including her birth date, parents, and education. Unfortunately, no Wikipedia profile of Marvin Hagler’s wife, Kay Guarrera, was found.

We know that she has been a great and supportive wife to the boxer. She had appeared with her husband in public events like the 2014 Laureus World Sports Awards.

As soon as one is available, we will update the information in this article.

Marvin Hagler was married to ex-wife Bertha Hagler from 1980 to 1990

Image of Marvin Hagler with his ex-wife, Bertha Hagler
Marvin Hagler with his ex-wife, Bertha Hagler

Marvin had a previous marriage to his first and now ex-wife, Bertha Hagler. They had dated for some time before eventually getting married in 1980.

After ten years of marriage and five children together, they separated in 1990. Moreover, his ex-wife charged him with domestic abuse and assault.

She went to Hingham District Court to claim court protection and custody of their five children, based on a 1987 Washington Post published item.


There were rumors that the American boxer was married to a particular woman named Joann Dixon. According to the gossip, he married her in 1980.

Indeed, this is less likely to be accurate as he had married his first wife, Bertha, back in that year.

Marvin Hagler’s Kids

Image of Marvin Hagler with his ex-wife, Bertha Hagler, and their kids
Marvin Hagler with his ex-wife, Bertha Hagler, and their kids

The late boxer had five children in total – all of them from his first marriage with his ex-wife, Bertha Hagler. He has three sons and two daughters.

  1. Marvin Hagler Jr.
  2. James Hagler
  3. Gentry Hagler
  4. Celeste Hagler
  5. Charelle Hagler

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