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Is Marton Csokas Married to Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Marton Csokas

Marton Paul Csokas, commonly known as Marton Csokas, is a renowned actor from New Zealand. He studied at a drama school called Toi Whakaari and graduated at the year of 1989 and brought home a Diploma in acting.

Marton is famous for being a villain in many movies, such as Celeborn in the famous fantasy adventure film “Lord of the Rings,” he also appeared in the supernatural action film “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” as Jack Barts.

On June 30, 1966, he was born and raised by his lovely parents, Christine (mother) and Márton Csókás I (Father). Visit for more information.

Do you want to know the renowned actor Marton Csokas’ wife? Is he married to one? Then find out by reading more.

Marton Csokas Relationship Status

Image of Marton Csokas
Marton Csokas is a New Zealand actor in film, stage, and television.

The well-known actor is known for keeping a low profile in public, and he has not disclosed much information about his sexual relationships in recent years. At this moment, it is not known whether Marton is single or whether he is married.

It is plausible to infer that he does not have a wife, even if there is no proof to back the allegation that he does not have one. It is certainly possible that the famous actor does not have a significant other at the moment, but it isn’t very sure.

It is generally accepted that Marton is not in a romantic relationship; nonetheless, the fact that he is so private about his personal life has led to rumors concerning his sexuality. Since the renowned actor has never addressed this issue in his entire life, it is impossible to determine whether or not he is gay.

This makes it rather tough to draw any judgments about him. We will update this article once information about Marton Csokas’ wife becomes available. 

Marton Csokas’ ex-girlfriend Eva Green

Image of Marton Csokas with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Green
Marton Csokas with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Green

Csokas’s acting career is, without a shadow of a doubt, flourishing, but the narrative is very different when it comes to his personal life and the relationships he maintains. Since the end of his engagement to actress Eva Green, the actor has declined to discuss his romantic history, including his previous connection with Marton Csokas’ wife-to-be. 

An incredible love story unfolded between Eva and Marton, but as is common knowledge, love, while its capacity to bring delight, also can bring about despair. According to many sources, the couple first became acquainted while working together on the epic film about the Crusades directed by Ridley Scott and titled the “Kingdom of Heaven” what they shared on television eventually developed into a meaningful relationship in real life.

Soon after, they began a romantic relationship, which lasted from 2005 to 2009. Like any other relationship, there are problems, and in 2009, Marton and his ex-girlfriend Eva decided to dissolve their relationship.

These problems are typical of any relationship, so it is not surprising that the decision to break up was made. Unfortunately, the public does not have access to any information about the real reason for their breakup, as Marton fans are pretty interested in this topic.

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