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Martin Lawrence Second Wife, Shamicka Gibbs, Net Worth, Wiki

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Martin Lawrence second wife, Shamicka Gibbs

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is a famous comedian and a Hollywood actor whom people may know from the franchise Bad Boys. The infamous Hollywood cast has been in the industry since the ’90s. Martin got his debut in 1987, playing in What’s Happening Now! Lately, the 56-year-old actor is also producing films and writing scripts. Get to know more about Martin Lawrence and his wife in this article.

Seeing the immense success that this actor has had in the industry by getting lead roles in many franchises and movies, fans often wonder if he is winning in real life as he does in the film. People desperately seek to know more about the actor’s on-screen and off-screen life.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the comedian is a victim of failed marriages like most celebrities regarding his personal life. So far, Martin has married two times where both ended up breaking quicker than expected.

Shamicka Gibbs was Martin Lawrence Wife for Two Years

Martin, the Hollywood star, married for the second time with a woman from Los Angeles, California. She is Shamicka Gibbs, who came to Earth on November 11, 1975. If Martin was gaining success as an actor, Shamicka was achieving equal success as a chef. But more than a chef, Shamicka is an entrepreneur who gained fame ever since marrying Martin.

Reports claim that Martin Lawrence and his second wife, Shamicka had a long relationship before marriage. Previously, Martin has had a lot of girlfriends and an ex-wife before marrying Shamicka. However, Martin’s longest relationship was with Shamicka. After years of relationship and finally, marrying, the couple has had many memorable moments together.

Image of Martin Lawrence second wife
American actor Martin Lawrence’s second wife, Shamicka Gibbs.

First Meeting

Martin and Shamicka were starting to go out together soon after the veteran actor’s first divorce. But the first time, Martin met Shamicka thanks to a mutual friend’s invitation. It turns out that during an event at Shamicka’s house, Martin got an invitation through a friend, but he did not know about Shamicka. It was at her house that Martin saw Shamicka, who was cooking, and had some interactions. After that, Martin and Shamicka became friends and occasionally met one another. After visiting many times, the couple officially started dating each other in the middle of 1997.


Following the comedian’s divorce in 1997 from his first wife, Patricia Southall, he and Shamicka became close. After more than a decade, The Bad Boys star, Martin Lawrence and his businesswoman wife tied the knot in 2010. The wedding ceremony was a private one, with the venue being the backyard of the actor’s Beverly Hills house. A total of 120 guests were there, who were Martin and Shamicka’s closest families and friends. Moreover, from his first marriage, Martin’s daughter Jasmine was the flower girl in the ceremony.


Sadly, the Lawrence couple split up quite soon after marrying for only two years. Fans were left shocked and couldn’t believe their relationship didn’t last longer than Martin’s first marriage. In 2012, both individuals mutually went to decide to get divorce papers ready. The reason, in simple words, as things didn’t work out between Martin and Shamicka, and the two had irreconcilable differences. Furthermore, Martin divorced Gibbs on April 25, 2012, and demanded joint physical custody of their daughters.

Shamicka didn’t lose sight of their beautiful daughters after divorce and has seen them growing up. Also, it turns out she is just as close to her step-daughter, Jasmine as well.

Martin and Ex-Wife Shamicka Gibbs Have Two Daughters

In the course of their marriage, Martin and Shamicka had two adorable daughters. Shamicka first gave birth to Lyanna Lawrence back in 2000 and Amara Lawrence two years later. Even after the birth of two daughters could not save Martin’s second marriage.

Regardless, the two siblings and their step-siblings, Jasmine, are surprisingly close to each other like they were before. Even after their parent’s divorce, the siblings still see their father and mother. Jasmine and Shamicka are close to one another, showing how much of a respectful stepmother Shamicka was.

Even after years of divorce, Shamicka constantly keeps updating her social accounts with pictures of her three daughters together.

Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs with their daughters
Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs with their daughters, Iyanna Lawrence and Amara Lawrence.

What is Shamicka Gibbs Doing Now?

Since splitting up, the former Lawrence couple is still not finding the right one in their life. However, Shamicka has been fighting diseases in her life.

After being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and being forced to change her lifestyle, Shamicka inspired others who are battling against lupus on their own. Shamicka’s Instagram bio says that she is a “Lupus Warrior” before her recovery.

Regardless, the 46-year-old businesswoman still maintains her shape and beauty and has also been living as a motivator. Moreover, Shamicka recently began working in front of the camera as well.

Shamicka’s TV Debut

After divorce, Shamicka made her debut on TV the same year. Her appearance happens to be on the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes. Shamicka’s contract states that she would have the opportunity to join season two of the show. Similarly, Shamicka began appearing on screen alongside high-profile celeb spouses, including Will Smith’s ex-wife and Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

During that time, rumors started speculating if Martin’s involvement could interfere with her TV debut. However, the ex-wife quickly announced that Martin went along with her decision and wouldn’t even step back if the rumor was true.

Nonetheless, Shamicka enjoyed her time on TV because producers didn’t give her a bad image but let her show her true self. As the show went on, Shamicka’s fans went on increasing as well. Similarly, fans saw Shamicka reshaping her life after battling celiac and lupus disease in 2011.

Net Worth

Though Shamicka’s fame was because of Hollywood’s famous comedian, she has her name to live up with. Shamicka is a daring entrepreneur who owns nearly ten branches of Massage Envy Spa across the US.

Not only that, but Shamicka also owns a meal service shop named Micka’s Pantry, along with an event business called Cooking and Conversing. Recently, Shamicka saw a rise in her earnings thanks to working in a reality show as well.

Nonetheless, Shamicka’s TV fame and her business companies helped her garnish great fortune over the years. Therefore, Shamicka has an estimated net worth that amounts to $5 million.

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