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Mark Wiens is Married to Wife: Ying Wiens. Kids.

Image of Mark Wiens with his wife, Ying Wiens

Mark Wiens is a popular figure on YouTube and a blogger, author, and educator. He is best known for the cuisine and travel vlogs that he posts to the “Mark Wiens” channel on YouTube.

Mark Wiens is the proprietor of several websites, including Eating Thai Food and Migrationology. He has over 6.44 million followers on his channel, which is a record for him.

Mark was born on February 26th, 1986, in Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. There is no information available regarding his parents. His mother and father do not have any more children.

His parents were active in Christian mission work. Therefore, the family moved around quite a bit. Rice was one of his favorite foods when he was young.

Although he was reared in France, he occasionally traveled to Hawaii and Canada to see relatives with his parents.

Do you want to know the YouTube Star Mark Wiens‘ Wife? And do they have kids together? Find out by reading more.

Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens’ Marriage


While Mark was working as an English teacher at a school in Bangkok, he first became acquainted with Ying, who would later become his wife. The pair wed one another in a private ceremony in a restaurant in Bangkok.

On November 12, 2016, Ying gave birth to their son Micah after an emergency cesarean section. Micah was born healthy and happy.

The three members of the Wiens family are thriving in the city of Bangkok, where they have a lovely home to call their own. There has been no discussion about the end of the relationship between the lovely couple in any contact that has taken place up to this point.

It does not appear like the idea that Mark and his wife Ying have been married for several years is putting any strain on the quality of their relationship.

Ying Wiens’ Biography

Ying Wiens is a popular travel vlogger from Thailand. She is married to Mark Wiens, a YouTuber, writer, and blogger.

Even though she had a successful job, she did not become renowned until after she married her renowned husband, Mark. Like her partner, Mark Wiens‘ Wife maintains her own YouTube channel and produces her type of trip films.

In addition to that, she is a mother, and she also has a child of her own. She had many challenges and setbacks on her way to becoming a mother, but in the end, she was successful.

Ying Wiens, widely known as Mark Wien’s wife, holds Thai citizenship. It is not known when exactly she was born, but it is believed that she was born in the late 80s; therefore, she must be in her 30s.

Mark Wiens‘ Wife was raised in Thailand alongside her parents for most of her childhood until Ying met her future husband, Mark, and began going on adventures with him. Ying also has a younger sister, although she has not disclosed much information about her.

Mark Wiens’ Kids


Mark and his adoring wife, Ying, have been blessed with the birth of a handsome boy. On November 12th, 2016, the couple was blessed with the arrival of their son Micah Wiens.

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