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Mark Sisson is Married to Wife: Carrie Sisson. Kids.

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Image of Mark Sisson with his wife, Carrie Sisson

There can also be competitions in the fitness world, and Mark Sisson has the experience of winning these competitions while showing other people that he can also do other things. He is famous for his good track record as triathlon and former distance runner.

Mark was born in Maine, New England, the United States, on July 20, 1953, and is now 68. Despite his age, he can still run far distances, but he has already retired from being a distance runner because even though his body can do it, problems might arise in the future.

He attained many awards with years of training, including the 4th place in the 1982 Ironman World Championship and part of the top 5 in the U.S. National Marathon Championships in 1980. Sisson was also a well-known author, and he decided to establish a food blog in 2006 and wrote books like The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever.

The success he has built for a long time could not be done if it was not for the special someone that kept supporting his decisions in life. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Mark Sisson’s wife, partner, married life, and children.

Mark Sisson is Married to Wife, Carrie Sisson

Image of Mark Sisson with his wife, Carrie Sisson
Mark Sisson with his wife, Carrie Sisson

Life gives you choices on whether you want to be with someone who has a different hobby and interests than you to make it more challenging, or you could either choose a person who does the same thing as you. Mark Sisson’s wife is the second option since she advocates for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

In an Instagram post, Carrie said that he is grateful for her husband and that she is proud of him all the time. According to sources, Mark and Carrie met in 1987, and they were both out for a workout and saw each other at the Los Angeles Gym.

Furthermore, the couple seems to be living a healthy life and relationship, and social media platforms show pictures and videos of them together with a good bond. When Mark started the Primal Blueprint movement, his loving wife did not hesitate to offer full support to him.

Mark Sisson’s wife also chose to become a part of the movement when she agreed to be its face.

Carrie, Mark Sisson’s wife, gave birth to two children, and she often posts their images on the internet. Our team will try to update this article once we find more information regarding the couple’s wedding date and place.

Carrie Sisson’s Biography

Carrie is the stunning wife of the former distance runner, and she knows how to ease the situation around her husband. Mark Sisson’s wife also likes to get involved with his business.

Carrie acts as a coach in the food blog and gives counseling to aspiring fitness enthusiasts. Aside from giving health advice to people, Mark Sisson’s wife also writes books, and one of her famous works is Primal Woman.

She did not reveal her birthday to the public, but according to sources, she is 58. Our team will try to find out more information about the personal details of Mark Sisson’s wife.

Mark Sisson’s Kids

Image of Mark Sisson with his wife, Carrie Sisson, and their daughter
Mark Sisson with his wife, Carrie Sisson, and their daughter

There is no doubt that the couple has the looks and people saw it when they gave birth to their two children named Kyle Sisson and Devyn Sisson. Being pregnant is not easy as there can be many changes physically and mentally.

Mark Sisson’s wife told media outlets that she was able to breastfeed Devyn for 24 months and one year and four months for Kyle. The pregnancy made a significant impact on her body, but after a few adjustments to motherhood, Carrie was able to bring back her stunning body in less than two months.

The birthday of their children was not revealed to the public. Our team will update this article once we find more information about the details of Kyle and Devyn.

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