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Mark Robinson is Married to Wife: Yolanda Hill. Kids.

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Image of Mark Robinson with his wife, Yolanda Hill

Mark Keith Robinson, also known as Mark Robinson, is a well-known entrepreneur and American politician who won the 2020 lieutenant gubernatorial election. The famous politician won against the Democratic party candidate Yvonne Lewis Holley, and he replaced Dan Forest, who was also a Republican candidate but did not win the governorship.

Robinson was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, the United States, on August 8, 1968, and is now 53. It has not been easy for the businessman since his father was abusive and violent towards him and his siblings during their childhood.

From 1985 to 1989, he attended Grimsley High School, where he graduated and decided to be a part of the United States Army Reserve. After serving in the military, he went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, specializing in history.

When you are a politician, you expect your calendar to be fully booked, and you have little time to engage with other things, so people wonder if Robinson found time to have a partner. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need about Mark Robinson’s wife, partner, marriage, and children.

Mark Robinson has been married to his wife, Yolanda Hill, since 1990

Image of Mark Robinson with his wife, Yolanda Hill
Mark Robinson with his wife, Yolanda Hill

Mark Robinson’s wife is Yolanda Hill, and the couple has been married for 32 years. The couple did not have an easy marriage as they faced challenges that made them second guess their marital relationship.

There were also many rumors about them not starting their relationship positively, and we can confirm this is true because the politician made a revelation recently about his wife. In 1989, a year before their marriage, Mark Robinson’s wife aborted their first child because he encouraged her and paid the procedure fees.

The Republican candidate told social media platforms and media outlets that they had made the wrong decision. It was hard for Mark Robinson’s wife to forget about the situation.

People had different opinions about what the couple did, some praised them for being able to reveal what they did, and some called them hypocrites. As of the moment, the couple is in a healthy and stable relationship because they were able to admit the one thing that bothered them in their three decades of marriage.

Acknowledging wrongdoings is not what other people could do, and for the politician to publicly admit a severe incident like that, made people think that he is a genuine person.

Yolanda Hill’s Biography

Image of Yolanda Hill
Yolanda Hill is the wife of the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson.

Mark Robinson’s wife has an excellent academic background with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from North Carolina at Greensboro. Moreover, Yolanda has not revealed her exact birthday, but in an Instagram post, her husband greeted her on April 30.

Some people wonder if the political world affected their marital relationship. The couple bravely answered the question by saying that not spending enough time with each other was the only effect of politics on them.

Yolanda operates a nonprofit organization that helps children. Robinson’s wife was born in Randolph, and she is always supportive of her husband’s decisions. May it be in his political career or personal choices.

Mark Robinson’s Kids

In their 32 years of marriage, Mark Robinson’s wife, Yolanda Hill, gave birth to two children. People speculate that the couple ensures their kids have equal opportunities and have everything they need with all their resources.

However, there was no information revealed about the identities of the couple’s children. Our team will find more information about them and update this article once Robinson and Hill decide to share details about their kids.

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