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Mark Caguioa is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Lauren Hudson

Image of Mark Caguioa with his girlfriend, Lauren Hudson

Mark Anthony Yu Caguioa, or Mark Caguioa, is a basketball player from the Philippines. He is a team player of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, under the Philippine Basketball Association.

He has a moniker, The Spark, and MC47 taken from the number of his jersey and the initials of his name. Furthermore, he is acknowledged as a member of the duo The Fast and The Furious with Jayjay Helterband.

The famous basketball player honed his skills in the United States of America. He previously played for Glendale Community College.

Filipino basketball players are usually tagged as playboys; however, it is not the case for Mark because Mark Caguioa’s wife’s title is about to be taken.

Check this out! Learn more about the dating status and kids of Mark Caguioa as we reveal further information about him.

Mark Caguioa is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Lauren Hudson

Image of Mark Caguioa with his girlfriend, Lauren Hudson
Mark Caguioa with his girlfriend, Lauren Hudson

The Filipino basketball enthusiasts were quick to celebrate when the news about Mark Caguioa’s engagement took over the internet. According to sources, it occurred after the Governor’s cup, wherein the Ginebra San Miguel player knelt on one knee and asked the question.

The assumed Mark Caguioa’s wife had no hesitations and immediately said yes. The basketball player said that they have been dating for more than a decade and think it is just right to get married.

The lucky girl who would assume the title of Mark Caguioa’s wife is his long-time girlfriend, Lauren Hudson. The athlete said that he draws strength from his fiancé because she has been the strong one in their relationship.

So far, their relationship that started in 2004 is not anywhere near any controversies and rumors. Mark is the living testimony that not all basketball players are womanizers as they are tagged by society.

He is the proudest when talking about the presumed Mark Caguioa’s wife. He once mentioned in an Instagram post that he loves her for being the most caring creature to exist.

Lauren Hudson’s Biography

A Filipino-Australian by birth, Lauren Hudson is not your typical girl because, unlike many, she can keep up with the busy schedule and life. Both she and the sportsman have not spoken about Lauren’s personal life, but we all know that she is one woman with men lining up for her before they met.

Mark Caguioa’s Past Relationships

As much as every PBA fan knows, the basketball player is not someone who opens his life to let the public know. Because of that, there is not much information on his dating history or whether he had a partner before meeting Lauren.

Mark Caguioa’s Kids

Mark Caguiao is not yet married to a wife, so news about having kids is not yet published under his name. However, the presumed Mark Caguioa’s wife and the athlete share French bulldogs and treat them as their kids.

They are both dog lovers, which pushed them to have dogs like their kids. The couple even made an Instagram handle for their kids.

According to sources, the account can be searched as Chuck the Champ. It is primarily the presumed Mark Caguioa’s wife who takes photographs and videos of Chuck.

Their fur family started with Chuck and is continually growing as of this writing. As of this writing, four dogs are visible on the Instagram account dedicated to their dogs.

The couple said that having dogs is like having kids in real life because they also need attention, love, and care to thrive. Furthermore, their dogs are their breathers in this chaotic world.

According to Mark Caguioa’s wife, they also want to have children. However, not anytime soon because of many commitments, which will most likely hinder them from being present parents.

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