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Mario Van Peebles is Married to Wife: Chitra Sukhu. Kids

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Image of Mario Van Peebles with his partner, Chitra Sukhu

Mario Van Peebles is an actor and a director who descended from America. His most prominent work aired in 1991, entitled New Jack City, a film he directed.

In 2016, his talent was once more exhibited. He directed the movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.           

He got his talent from his father,  Melvin Van Peebles, a director, and an actor. The director made a tribute biopic film about his father entitled Baadasssss! which was written and directed by the actor himself.

Mexico City, Mexico, was where the film director was born. His parents were both artists and frequently traveled to the USA and Europe.

Regarding his tertiary studies, he was a graduate of Columbia College. He majored in economics.

He was often invited as an honorary guest, being a man of influence. In 2021, he was requested to be the speaker of the annual commencement exercise in his previous university.

Are you curious about Mario Van Peebles’ wife? Continue reading to learn more about the actor, including his marriage, dating history, and kids.

Mario Van Peebles is Married to Chitra Sukhu


Aside from his success in his career, the actor seemed to be successful in the love aspect of his life. As of 2022, he is currently married to an author named Chitra Sukhu.

Specific details about their marriage are not available to the public as of this writing. However, reports claim that the couple tied the knot right after the actor got legally divorced from his first wife.

According to rumors, Mario Van Peebles’ wife was not the reason why the previous couple did not work it. Nevertheless, there was no confirmation of what had transpired.

The actor succeeded in making details about his personal life under wraps. We will update this article once information about his wedding is available.

Mario Van Peebles’ Dating History

A man of talent and looks, the love life of the actor Mario Van Peebles is frequently looked up online. When it comes to dating, the actor is very open about it but is not blatant about the details.

He had dated several ladies, namely Pamela Anderson and Kini Van Peebles. However, further details regarding their relationship were not revealed to any platform as of this writing.

The public was also aware that Mario Van Peebles’ wife was his second wife. His first wife was his co-star, Lisa Vitelllo.

The co-star was his first everything, including love. It was known to the public that they cohabited for several years before filing for a divorce.

Additional details regarding their relationship were not publicized. As of this writing, there are still no available details regarding their relationship and separation.

Rumors are going around that the current Mario Van Peebles’ wife was the reason for the separation of the ex-couple. However, they did not release any statement confirming nor denying what really happened to their marriage. 

Mario Van Peebles’ Kids


As a hunk actor, he is a chick magnet. Presently, he is a father of five children.

The actor’s first child was from his first marriage with Lisa Vitello. They named their daughter Mandela Van Peebles.

Mario Van Peebles’ wife, Chitra, birthed four exceptional children with the actor. Their children are namely Marley, Makaylo, Morgana, and Maya.

Their kids are two daughters and two sons, respectively. According to reports, Chitra already adopted the first child of the actor named Mandela.

It was known that they were getting along well because all of the family members were in the entertainment industry. They are frequently seen traveling the world as a family of seven to witness the world’s beauty.

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