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Mario Cristobal is Married to Wife: Jessica Cristobal. Kids

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Image of Mario Cristobal with his wife, Jessica Cristobal, with their kids, Mario and Rocco

Mario Manuel Cristobal is the Miami Hurricane’s football coach. He is currently under contract with the University of Miami.

It was not his first time coaching football teams. He was previously the coach for  Florida International University for five years.

He has also served as a football coach for the University of Oregon from 2017 to 2021. His service to the team earned them several awards, credited to Cristobal’s passion for guiding the players.

The football coach’s interest in the sport started when he was still in high school. He started playing football at Miami’s Christopher Columbus High School.

Are you curious about Mario Cristobal’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his marriage and kids.

Mario Cristobal is Married to Jessica Cristobal           

Image of Mario Cristobal with his wife, Jessica Cristobal
Mario Cristobal with his wife, Jessica Cristobal

Because of his excellence in coaching football, the supporters of Cristobal are very much curious about his love life. According to reports, Mario Cristobal has been married to his wife named, Jessica Cristobal since 2006.

Their first encounter was during the Miami Beach’s Victor Hotel’s grand opening. Reports claim that it is absolutely a love at first sight kind of love.

From there on, they started dating and getting to know more about each other. As they went on and got attached to each other, they decided to tie the knot in June of 2006.

The couple is seen frequently at games by the football coach. Mario Cristobal’s wife is described as the most supportive girl there is. 

Who is Jessica Cristobal?           

Jessica Cristobal is most prominent for being Mario Cristobal’s wife. Apart from this title, she is also the one who established the Leading Ladies League.

The non-profit organization aims to assist women in need in a communal setting. The volunteers offer their time, resources, talent, and leadership.

She was born and raised in Germany. It was once publicized that Jessica has an identical twin sister.

Nevertheless, details about her twin sister of the family are not available to the public. The founder of the non-profit organization has been secretive about her personal life.

She has further proved that she is more than Mario Cristobal’s wife. Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations.

The wife of Mario Cristobal minored in both Sociology and Women’s Studies. She was able to accomplish these degrees from Georgia State University.

Furthermore, she had also won beauty pageants due to her beautiful appearance. She was the title holder of Miss Florida world in 1994.          

She has been on the side of the football coach during his starting days. The model once mentioned how passionate her husband is regarding coaching.

Moreover, even though she is a proud wife of the coach, she once mentioned that it has been hard to spend time away from her husband during football seasons. She added that she was grateful for the pandemic because it allowed her husband to stay at home with her and the kids.

Mario Cristobal’s Kids           

Image of Mario Cristobal with his wife, Jessica Cristobal, with their kids, Mario and Rocco
Mario Cristobal with his wife, Jessica Cristobal, with their kids, Mario and Rocco

It is not a secret that Mario and his wife, Jessica, have two sons. They have been openly sharing about the existence of their kids in interviews and on their social media platforms.

Their sons are named Mario and Rocco. According to reports, the two are interested in football due to their father’s influence.

Mario Cristobal’s wife once mentioned that the nature of the work of the coach is hard for her and the kids. She emphasized how hard it is for the kids without a man figure in their house.

She is the one managing and looking over their small family. During the free time of the football coach, they are frequently traveling around the world to let their children experience the beauty of the world.

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