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Manute Bol is Married to Wife: Ajok Geng Wol. Kids: Madut, Bol, Chris, Ayak.

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Manute Bol is an NBA player who stands out among others due to his staggering 7 feet, 7 inches, making him the tallest athlete in the league’s history. The humble giant originated from Sudan and was drafted in 1985 by the Washington Bullets.

He played ten seasons in the NBA, the center of various teams such as the Golden States Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat. Because of his great stature and wingspan, he was hailed as the player with the most blocks in the 1986 and 1989 conferences.

Unfortunately, the superstar athlete died on the 19th of June 2010 at 47 years old due to different kidney ailments. Continue reading this article as we will focus on Manute’s wife and children in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Manute Bol has been Married to Ajok Geng Wol since 1998

Image of Manute Bol
Manute Bol was a Sudanese-American professional basketball player and political activist.

The NBA star is happily married to Ajok Geng Wol, a Sudanese woman whom Bol met shortly after his divorce from his first wife. Their relationship had a controversial start, with Ajok being only 17 years old while Manute was already 35.

The couple tied the knot a year after when the famous player offered 150 cows to his bride’s family. They have been blessed with four children, two of whom followed Manute’s NBA career and legacy.

Manute Bol’s Ex-Wife, Atong.

In his active career in the said league, he met Atong, who was around 18 years old and is also a Sudanese refugee.

Their marriage was sealed by 80 cows, resulting in them having six children. Their exact marital details and the reason for their divorce are unknown to the public, but it is stated that Atong remarried, taking full custody of their children.

Ajok Geng Wol Short Biography

Ajok Geng Wol was the loving wife of the Manute Bol before the basketball star died. There is not much information about her origin, but it is known that she came into this world in 1981 and is currently 42 years old as of this year.

She came to America for the first time in 2002 after Manute was accused of being an enemy of Sudan during the civil war. Ajok was only a teenager when she gave birth to their first two sons.

The culture shock of being married, a refugee, and stepping into an unknown country caused her to struggle in her early married life. In 2006, she had a criminal record for disorderly conduct after an altercation with Manute at a police station.

Her last appearance in the media was in 2010 after being featured in The Washington Post’s article about her husband’s demise. This page will be immediately updated once we get more information and facts about Ajok.

Manute Bol’s Kids


Manute Bol had ten kids with his first and second wives. However, there are limited sources and details about his children, as he kept them in private in connection with his political activities in Sudan.

It is known that the Sudanese icon was blessed with six children with Atong, but their names and information are not publicly disclosed. On the other hand, Bol’s four children with his second spouse have been revealed, and they are Madut, Bol, Chris, and Ayak.

Madut and Bol followed in their father’s footsteps as they excelled in the sports industry. The former has experience in college basketball, as he became a player of Southern Jaguars in NCAA conferences, and the latter is a current NBA player like Manute.

Bol Bol started his career when he got drafted by Miami Heat but has been traded to Denver Nuggets. Currently, he is playing for the Orlando Magic as the Power Forward. Chris and Ayak stayed out of the limelight just like their other siblings did, and they are living a regular life in New York with their respective partners and families.

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