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Malcolm Nance is Married to Wife: Maryse Nance. 3 Kids.

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Image of Malcolm Nance with his wife, Maryse Nance

Having an extensive amount of experience will give any person a significant amount of knowledge in whatever career or expertise they focus on. Malcolm Nance’s 20 years of service in the US military made it possible for him to master the different techniques and details of terrorism and insurgency.

After his retirement in 2001, he focused on writing books discussing his analyses of terrorism and Islam. Some of his notable materials are An End to Al-Qaeda (2010), The Terrorist Recognition Handbook (2003), and Defeating Isis (2016).

During his time on the battlefield, he was sent to Lebanon and Libya as a Senior Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy force. After learning some of Nance’s professional background, let us dwell on his personal life as we talk about his wife and children in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Malcolm Nance has been Married to Maryse Nance since 2004


Image of Malcolm Nance

Malcolm Nance is a former United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer specializing in naval cryptology.

An outspoken and strong-willed partner is someone that Malcolm Nance needs to have as support and a companion in life. In 2004, he finally got the chance to be married to a woman named Maryse Nance, who supported him in his everyday endeavors.

The couple has been private with their relationship, and they have not disclosed specific details of their wedding and even their married life. Throughout the time that they were together, they raised three adopted kids and have lived with a healthy connection with each other.

Sadly, 15 years after, their marriage came to an end because of Maryse’s death. Since then, Malcolm has decided not to remarry, so his current status is widowed.

Maryse Nance Bio

Image of Maryse Nance

Maryse Nance is the wife of the former US Navy Senior Chief. She was also a landscape architect.

Maryse Beliveau-Nance is the loving wife of the counterterrorism specialist. She was born on the 28th of March, 1961, in West Lafayette, a county of Indiana.

Before meeting Malcolm, she adopted three children from Russia in the early 90s. Maryse raised them on her own, before his husband helped her assume the children’s responsibility.

Maryse practiced architecture and landscape design in her professional career. She also supported her husband by being the illustrator of one of his books, The Terrorist Recognition.

One of Malcolm’s Instagram posts is dedicated to her, stating that she is a supportive and devoted mother, and a very proud and loving wife, proving that Maryse is a kind-hearted person that will do anything for her family. Her healthy and peaceful life was shaken by a diagnosis she received on April 28, 2018, when she found out that she was suffering from stage-four ovarian cancer.

Upon knowing the situation, Maryse’s family supported her in every medication and chemotherapy that she went through. Sadly, cancer got the best of her as she was proclaimed dead on September 11, 2019. Architect Nance lived 57 years before she fell to her demise.

Malcolm Nance’s Kids

 The war veteran has three children with his spouse. However, the children were already adolescents when they met. Judging from Malcolm’s posts, the children share a very tight relationship with him.

Aside from the fact that they originated in Russia and are in their early 30s, there are no other details about these fostered individuals.

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