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Lupillo Rivera is Married to Wife: Giselle Soto. Kids.

Image of Lupillo Rivera with his wife, Giselle Soto

Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, famously known as Lupillo Rivera, is a music artist and a song composer from the United States of America. His album entitled Tu Esclavo y Amo won a Grammy Award in the year 2010.

He is from a family of musicians. His sister is a prominent artist and musician named Jenni Rivera

The prime season of a Mexican singing competition was graced by his presence as a judge in 2019. The show was entitled La Voz, which aired on TV Azteca

His parents were identified to be Rosa and Pedro Rivera. The family resided in Long Beach, California.

In 1990, Lupillo finished his secondary studies at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Details about his collegiate years were not disclosed to the public.

Being a prominent actor, are there reports about Lupillo Rivera’s wife? Continue reading to learn more, including his past relationships and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Lupillo Rivera is Married to Giselle Soto

Image of Lupillo Rivera with his wife, Giselle Soto
Lupillo Rivera with his wife, Giselle Soto

The love life of the famous musician is frequently searched on the internet because of his different touch on music. The famous singer-composer revealed that he recently underwent a secret marriage.

The private ceremony was revealed when the singer himself talked about it on his Instagram. The previous Lupillo Rivera’s wife had dedicated a tattoo removed when the intimate propriety took place.

During the admittance of what took place, the composer jokingly told the press that it was a big scoop. He added that the journalists present must do better at their job.

Currently, the couple lives a happy and steady life together. Reports with regards to affairs are nowhere near their names.

Who is Giselle Soto?

Most famous for being the current Lupillo Rivera’s wife. She is also a woman because she manages a well-known eyebrow brand called Giselle Soto Brows.

She is of descent from Oxnard, California. Moreover, she strategically located her business in Los Angeles.

She used to be just some girl who used to work in a brow salon. However, she was laid off without any reasons mentioned.

Because of the inexplainable event, she decided to establish her own business in 2017. Her skills are under the credit of her first work experience at first.

Furthermore, after several pieces of training, she was able to accumulate a newer and innovative set of skills. Her brow studio is one of the most recommended beauty salons today.

Lupillo Rivera’s Past Relationships

Image of Lupillo Rivera with his ex-partner, Mayeli Alonso
Lupillo Rivera with his ex-partner, Mayeli Alonso

Lupillo Rivera’s wife is already the third spouse of the singer. His first wife’s name is

Maria Gurrola, and the second is named Mayeli Alonso.

The relationship between the singer and Gorola was not known to the public. Furthermore, details about their togetherness and separation are not known.

Mayeli and Rivera met during one of the prominent singer’s concerts. From there on, their romance started, which eventually led to marriage.

According to reports, reports about them being engaged surfaced in November of 2005. The following year, specifically on April 29, 2006, the former couple got married.

Their 12-year union ended on the 4th of May 2018. According to sources, it was because of Alonso’s act of infidelity.

Previously Lupillo Rivera’s wife was quick to debunk the speculations. She added that their divorce is already in its process.

Lupillo Rivera’s Kids

The prominent composer has four kids in total—two from each of his first two wives.

The marriage of the songwriter to Maria Gorola resulted in two beautiful daughters. With only names revealed to the public as Ayana and Abigail.

His eldest daughter from Mayeli Alonso is named Karisma. She was born on the 4th of August year 2004.

Moreover, their second child is a son named L’Rey. He was born on the 8th of August 2008.

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