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Luke Walton is Married to Wife: Bre Ladd. Kids

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Image of Luke Walton with his wife, Bre Ladd

Luke Theodore Walton, better known as Luke Walton, is a professional basketball coach and former player from the USA. As a forward in the NBA, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers for ten seasons and won two championships.

He earned a championship with the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach while taking over as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016. From 2019 to 2021, Walton also served as head trainer of the Sacramento Kings.

Walton was a member of the Arizona Wildcats during his collegiate career. As a member of the Pac-10 first team for two consecutive years and a second-team All-American for the entire country, The Los Angeles Lakers drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft. Visit for more information.

Do you want to know the professional basketball coach Luke Waltonā€™s wife and their kids? Then keep reading to find out more.

Luke Walton and Bre Ladd Married Life

Image of Luke Walton with his wife, Bre Ladd
Luke Walton with his wife, Bre Ladd

When Luke, 22, and Bre, 18, first crossed paths, they were two years apart in age. When the couple was students at the University of Arizona in Tucson in 2002, they had their first interaction with one another.

Both Luke and his wife Bre are active in many sports. Luke was a member of the University of Arizona’s men’s basketball team, and his wife was a member of the University of Arizona women’s volleyball team.

After their first encounter, Luke and Bre developed a strong friendship. After being friends for three years, Luke and Bre decided to take their relationship to the next level in 2005 and start dating.

In addition to that, they got engaged. On the evening of Christmas Eve in 2012, Luke proposed to Bre by getting down on one knee. Since that time, this charming couple has maintained an unbreakable connection as an inseparable pair.

The year 2022 marks the completion of more than eight years of marriage for Luke and his wife, Bre. In July of 2009, Luke and Bre, who was then his girlfriend but is now his wife, went to the event hosted in Los Angeles for the 17th Annual ESPY Awards.

They have a strong connection as the ideal married couple and share it. Similarly, the married couple has denied any involvement in the rumors that they are splitting up.

Bre Ladd’s Biography

Image of Bre Ladd
Bre Ladd is a former American volleyball star player

Bre Ladd was a famous player for the United States volleyball team in the past, but her claim to fame is that she is married to Luke Walton. The 19th of April, 1984 found Brienne Filene ‘Bre’ Ladd being born in Tucson, Arizona, in the USA.

Luke Walton’s wife was reared by her parents, Robert Douglass “Bob” and Tammie Elaine Ladd, along with an elder brother named Joshua. Bree’s mother remarried in 2016 to Ed King immediately made their home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Luke Walton’s wife’s father passed away on January 23, 2013, due to factors related to natural causes when he was 53 years old.

She attended the University of Arizona for two years to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Community and Public Health. In 2003, Luke Walton’s wife graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Arizona. After that, she began working as a nurse.

Luke Walton’s Kids

Image of Luke Walton with his wife, Bre Ladd, and their kids
Luke Walton with his wife, Bre Ladd, and their kids

Walton has two children, but he keeps their whereabouts a well-guarded secret. He has exhausted all of his options in order to keep them hidden from the general public.

According to a reliable site, Lawson Walton is the name of his eldest son. They welcomed him into the world as the first child of their marriage in 2014. In addition to this, there is a lack of information regarding his youngest son.

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