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Is Lt Col Stuart Scheller Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Many people rose to fame after being viral on social media, and one of them is Lt Col Stuart Scheller. Many social media users have noticed him for posting a video on Facebook that made netizens praise and criticize him at the same time.

According to sources, he has served in the United States Marine Corps before forcing to resign after his controversial video.  He was born in the United States in 1980 and is estimated to be around 41 to 42 years old.

The famous internet personality went to Anderson High School, where he successfully managed to finish. Moreover, he went to UC Lindner College of Business but later decided to continue at Marine Corps University.

With the controversial video he posted on various social media platforms, people wonder if he still has a wife and family since there are reports that they received great backlash from people. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s wife, partner, love life, and children,

Is Lt Col Stuart Scheller Married to Wife?

Image of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller
Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is a U.S. Marine Corps.

Many people have been talking about the issue of the retired lieutenant of the United States Marine Corps. Still, there are also many questions regarding Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s wife because his name became trending on the internet.

The paparazzi has been digging into his love life as he is a handsome-looking man, and he received quick fame after getting criticisms from various individuals. Moreover, he has been an active social media user and continues his life without minding other people’s comments.

According to sources, Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s wife does not exist because he does not have one at the moment. Rumors were spread on the internet that he is currently dating someone special, but there were no confirmations regarding the matter.

Many people have been surfing the internet and found the Instagram account of the retired lieutenant of the United States Marine Corps. The internet personality posted several pictures and videos with some women.

Furthermore, people claimed that one of the women he posted was his girlfriend. However, the allegations were not true, as people could see in the caption of the posts that he was not intimate with them nor on a romantic date.

Many followers of Stuart wanted him to have a partner again so that he could feel how to be loved again. However, there is no news about a woman wanting to be Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s wife soon.

Our team will find more information regarding Scheller’s love life. We will update this article once we gather details about Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s wife.

Lt Col Stuart Scheller’s Kids

After people followed the retired lieutenant’s life on social media, they found evidence regarding his kids. Stuart posted a picture of three kids in an Instagram post, and people confirmed that the three boys were his kids.

However, the identities of the children were not revealed to the public. Our team will update this article once the family has decided to share more details about the three kids.

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