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Liam Hendriks is Married to Wife: Kristi Hendriks. Kids

Image of Liam Hendriks with his wife, Kristi Hendriks

Liam Johnson Hendriks is a baseball pitcher by profession currently under the team Chicago White Sox. The team he belongs to is under Major League Baseball.

The professional athlete is known by the moniker Slydah. He was discovered to be from Australia.

Before being a regular player of the Chicago White Sox, he was a former member of Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Minnesota Twins, and Kansas City Royals. He has been awarded an All-Star award in 2019 and 2021 due to his outstanding performance in his chosen field of sports.

The actor was born in 1989, specifically on the 10th of February in Perth, Western Australia. He was already an athlete during his younger years because he used to play cricket which introduced him to baseball.

The pitcher is surely busy because of his training. That is why people are wondering if there is news regarding Liam Hendriks’ wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including news with regards to his marriage and kids.

Liam Hendriks is Married to Kristi

Image of Liam Hendriks with his wife, Kristi Hendriks
Liam Hendriks with his wife, Kristi Hendriks

With his emerging career as a professional player, Liam Hendriks’ wife is frequently brought into the conversation. Many people are curious because he seems so energetic and enthusiastic whenever he is on the field.

The title Liam Hendrik’s wife is already held by a lovely lady named Kristi. The couple was discovered to be dating for a long time before deciding to tie the knot.

The amazing duo was married in 2013, specifically on the 13th of November. They are presently celebrating their 8th anniversary as of 2022.

Ever since their marriage, the couple managed to stay lowkey with regard to their relationship as a married couple. However, Liam Hendriks’ wife shared how they surpassed problems that arose during the past years to help couples who might be experiencing the same.

Their unification was far from any controversies because they were obviously in love with each other. They are both focused on the betterment of their careers.

Who is Kristi Hendriks?

Kristi is most famous for being Liam Hendriks’ wife. However, she is the person as an entrepreneur and the CEO of her clothing line.

She named her business The Field Apparel, inspired by her husband’s field of work.  According to reports, she celebrates her birthday every 30th of August, but her specific birthdate is not publicized.

Her exact age does not matter because she looks forever young.  Liam Hendriks’ wife’s social media accounts are not publicly accessible because she does not want the public to pry onto her private life.

Nevertheless, the people on the internet can still glimpse her life through her business account.  Regardless, Liam never fails to appreciate his wife through his posts and interviews.

He always acknowledges how supportive and perfect she is in different aspects.

Liam Hendriks’ Kids

The long-term marriage of the fantastic couple is full of travels and food trips. As of this writing, there are no kids registered under their names.

According to reports, they are enjoying their time as a couple before deciding to add another family member. Because of their busy schedule, they are not always together, which is why they are hesitant to have a kid.

Once they are well-established, that will be the perfect time to build a family of their own. They don’t want their child to experience having absent parents.

Liam Hendriks’ wife also mentioned that it is a mutual decision not to have kids yet. The couple only wants the best for their future family, that is why it is important to be prepared.

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