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Leon Lush is Married to Wife: Christina Simons. Kids

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Image of Leon Lush with his son

Leon Lush is a famous content creator on YouTube, mainly containing music, reaction videos, and comedic skits. His content about music is the most viewed video on his channel.

His channel was initiated on the 9th day of May in 2006. He used to upload videos to document his progress in terms of music, but when he learned how YouTube works, he continued uploading various contents.

Currently, his channel expands as he uploads original content regularly. Many people are amused with his wit when it comes to comedy; thus, he frequently shares his videos across social media platforms.

Because of his humor, people are curious if he caught Leon Lush’s wife through it.

Check this out! Learn more about the wife, marriage, and kids of Leon Lush as we reveal further information about him.

Leon Lush has been Married to his Wife, Christina Simons, since 2016

Image of Leon Lush with his wife, Christina Simons, and their son

Leon Lush with his wife, Christina Simons, and their son

The good-looking and funny man is undoubtedly alluring to women following him. Unfortunately for them, Leon Lush’s wife already exists under Christina Simons.

The couple married on the 11th day of June in 2016. Before and during wedding preparations were not shared by the content creator.

The couple only shared about their wedding the day after it took place. They wanted to keep it as private as possible to enjoy the moment fully.

Their unification was partaken by their closest family and friends. According to one of the wedding’s guests, it was beautiful at its best.

Since the couple tied the knot, no controversies or issues have been listed under their name. It was due to Leon Lush’s wife’s preference to stay out of the limelight and live their lives privately.

Leon Lush’s wife left all the limelight for the YouTuber to enjoy. Currently, the family is residing in Massachusetts with their son.

Leon Lush’s Past Relationships

Despite how oversharing he regards his social media accounts, the same thing cannot be said regarding his dating history. There are no reports of him being in other relationships before he met his wife.

However, the possibility of him being in past romances is still there, and we have yet to hear from him regarding this particular subject.

Christina Simons’ Biography

Christina Simons rose to prominence when she was declared Leon Lush’s wife. She is also a reoccurring cast on the contents of the YouTuber.

Not much information is released about her because she lives behind the camera. However, she is frequently appreciated through Instagram posts of the content creator.

The standard caption is about how amazing and beautiful she is. The YouTuber is very much thankful for his wife because she is the one who oversees everything for the family.

He added that without Leon Lush’s wife, he would not be where he is today. Furthermore, he is grateful because she always does her best to keep their family intact.

Leon Lush’s Kids

Image of Leon Lush with his son

Leon Lush with his son

Their marriage for more than five years prompted the couple is starting to build a family of their own. They had their first child on the 11th day of August 2018.

According to reports, Leon Lush’s wife birthed a baby boy in 2018. However, his name was not disclosed to the public to protect him from the dangerous world of social media.

The couple first announced the existence of their child through an Instagram post. He called their son Lil tomato.

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