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Layzie Bone is Married to Wife: Felicia Howse. Kids

Image of Layzie Bone with his partner, Felicia Howse

Steven Howse is a famous rapper from the music group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. The world knows him by Layzie Bone, L-Burna, and The #1 Assassin.

Alongside his famous music group, he is also one of the members of the group Bone Brothers, with rap as their genre. Furthermore, he established Harmony Howse Entertainment to produce records with respect to music.

His birthdate was discovered on the 23rd of September in 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio. He came from a family of a musician who shared the fame with him as rapper.

A rapper is truly a man who does not go after norms; that is why people wonder if there is a certain Layzie Bone’s wife that supports him in his ventures? Find out more about him because we will discuss further information, including his past relationships, controversies, and kids.

Layzie Bone is Married to Felicia

Image of Layzie Bone with his partner, Felicia Howse
Layzie Bone with his partner, Felicia Howse

The rapper is already successful in his career, so it is frequent for Layzie Bone’s wife to be highlighted during interviews and forums. As a prominent figure, he has to be transparent regarding his dating history to secure the feelings of his wife and family.

A lovely lady is already holding the title being Layzie Bone’s wife. She was discovered to be named Felicia Lindsey.

According to reports, the couple dated long before deciding to tie the knot. There is not much information regarding their marriage, but it was discovered that the ceremony was graced by the presence of their intimate family and friends.

There were speculations that Layzie Bone’s wife had already left the CEO, but it is still a rumor up to this writing. The couple did not disclose anything that would confirm or debunk the ongoing speculations.

Layzie Bone’s Past Relationships

Before settling down with Felicia Lindsey, there was a previous Layzie Bone’s wife named LaTonya Howse. The former couple was said to date around the late 1990s.

According to reports, the couple tied the knot in 1995. However, due to an undisclosed reason, they separated after four years together, specifically in 1999.

The rapper’s followers believe it was due to a third party named Monica. She is a composer, music artist, and actress who allegedly dated the founder of Harmony Howse Entertainment from 1995 to 1997.

Layzie Bone’s Controversies

Steven Howse is frequently involved in controversies that involve infidelity. Sometime in 2013, a woman came after him because the rapper allegedly impregnated him.

Layzie Bone initially denied the allegations, but it was requested by the court to conduct a paternity test for the validity of the report. After the results came out, it was confirmed that the child is genuine of the CEO’s.

From there on, Layzie Bone has been supporting the said child. In 2019, another event like the previously mentioned occurred, and it was also confirmed that the child belongs to the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member.

The controversies concerning disloyalty took a toll on Layzie Bone’s wife and his kids. That is where the rumors that they have already separated started.

Layzie Bone’s Kids

The marriage of Layzie Bone and Felicia resulted in three beautiful children. Although there are no reports with respect to their details, Felicia is not ashamed of sharing the looks of her children on her social media accounts.

The children of the rapper outside their marriage are also acknowledged by Felicia as her own. During family outings, the extended family can be seen having a good time together.

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