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Is Laurence Holmes Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Laurence Holmes

Laurence Holmes is a prominent sports news journalist from the United States of America. NBC Chicago Sports TV currently employs him.

Furthermore, he established his podcast show entitled House of L. To add more to his credentials, the sports reporter is an educator in his alma mater, DePaul University.

His extracurricular activity initiated his interest in radio broadcasting during his time at Homewood-Flossmoor High School. He used to host his show on the radio broadcasting channel of his secondary school.

Not long after, he went to DePaul University, wherein he graduated with a degree in journalism. His internship was rendered in We Must Ask Questions, known as WMAQ in Chicago.

As one of the emerging journalists in today’s time, people are curious if a particular Laurence Holmes’ wife is already registered.

Check this out! Learn more about the dating status and kids of Laurence Holmes as we reveal further information about him.

Is Laurence Holmes Married to Wife? 

Image of Laurence Holmes
A known American sports news reporter. He is currently working on NBC Chicago Sports TV.

Being a journalist requires a lot of time from a person. It is one of the contributing factors why Laurence Holmes’ wife is not yet named.

According to sources, the sports broadcaster is not yet married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. He said his total commitment is to his podcast show and day job.

The journalist said that his job requires almost 24/7 workdays, which is why it is not yet ideal to be in a relationship. It might harm the supposed Laurence Holmes’ wife in the long run because he will most likely be absent from time to time.

Furthermore, he wants to focus on himself and his craft before adding another person to his life. The sports host once mentioned that he still has a lot of fixing to do to himself, and he does not want to drag other people into his misery.

The followers of Laurence are looking forward to the day when his soon-to-be partner will be publicly announced. It is because they believe the journalist will be a good husband based on the topics he talks about in his podcast show.

Laurence Holmes’ Kids

As a bachelor, Laurence Holmes has no kids listed under his name yet. However, he said he wants to have kids in the future, so he is not closing his doors to dating.

According to him, the first step in having kids is finding Laurence Holmes’ wife, who will be the bearer of his children. He is pausing the search because he wants his career to be successful.

He experienced hardships during childhood, which he does not want his future family to share. For that to happen, he must work hard and be wise in his spending to give his supposed Laurence Holmes’ wife and kids the best life they could imagine.

Furthermore, he said he would be the first to announce if there was news regarding Laurence Holmes’ wife. It is something he is waiting for but does not feel pressured to pursue because he is still young and focused on his personal growth.

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