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Lars Ulrich is Married to Wife: Jessica Miller. Kids.

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Image of Lars Ulrich with his wife, Jessica Miller

Lars Ulrich is a name that many metalheads and rock fans are familiar with. Lars Ulrich is most notable for being the drummer and co-creator of one of the most recognized and highly regarded brands in the world, Metallica.

At the young age of 58, he still has a lot of life left in him. His music career started decades from now, and he is considered by many a veteran musician and performer in the world of music because of it.

Metallica was formed by him and his co-member and frontman of the band James Hetfield back in 1981. He and his group have seen steady success even years when they hit the prime of their careers.

There is no denying that the group and its members are slowly aging now, but this does not mirror their energy and enthusiasm when they play.

Their aggressive and high-energy performances do not coincide with their ages. They are still respected in the industry by the different age groups and generations that their fans have gone through as one of the GOATS in music.

Who is the drummer Lars Ulrich’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Lars Ulrich is Married to his Wife Jessica Miller since 2015

Image of Lars Ulrich with his wife, Jessica Miller
Lars Ulrich with his wife, Jessica Miller

Someone with the reputation, fame, and success that Lars had, it does not take rocket science for women to be in love and attracted to him. Although it is not explicitly said, we believe that Lars Ulrich’s wife also shares the same sentiment.

The remarkable woman fortunate enough to be called Lars Ulrich’s wife is no other than socialite and fashion model Jessica Miller. Even though she already has quite the following since she appears in runway shows, it all ballooned when she married the musician.

The couple is believed to have tied the knot back in 2015 after they had dated for quite some time. Despite the looks that the couple gets from all of their fans and the masses because of their age difference, they often shy away from it and do not entertain the haters.

What seemed like a rocky couple of years for the metal drummer turned good because of fate’s good meeting with his loving partner. The couple is not the most vocal pair in music, but it is evident that they are having a jolly time as husband and wife.

Lars Ulrich’s Previous Relationships

The title for Lars Ulrich’s wife has been passed onto two different women before settling in the hands of Jessica. It all started back in 1988 when the musician was slowly climbing the ladder of success and recognition.

His first wife is a woman named Debbie Jones. There is not much information available detailing his first lover’s life and personal details since she was not a celebrity, nor did she meddle with the intricacies of entertainment.

Unlike her husband, Debbie did not grow into popularity and enjoyed a quiet and secluded wife. It is believed that they were married for two years before filing a divorce in 1990 in the middle of Metallica’s touring sessions.

After seven long years of waiting since his first heartbreak, the drummer found love in the presence of his second wife, Skylar Satenstein. Unfortunately, the former couple’s relationship also did not last, and it only ran for seven years before they filed for a divorce in 2004.

Also, like his first wife, there is not much known about Skylar’s personal life; however, it is believed that Skylar works in the medical field as a general physician as many fans hope; maybe the third time is the charm when it comes to their idol’s love life. Moreover, there is also another partner that the artist had.

Danish actress Connie Nielsen had a relationship with him before. However, they did not get married, but they had a wonderful daughter.

Jessica Miller’s Biography

Image of Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller is an actress, a model, and a fashion icon

If you are pretty observant, like many of the people on the internet, there seems to be a pattern among the wives of the Metallica member. Like his first wife Debbie and his second wife Skylar, there is also not a lot of info on the internet regarding the personal biography of Jessica Miller.

However, it is common knowledge for many of the couple’s fans that Jessica is a fashion model that has already appeared in several shows before. Sadly, other than that, her private info is pretty limited.

Lars Ulrich’s Kids

Some people may be aware of this, but aside from the woman Lars married, he also had a child with Connie Nielsen. His two sons, Myles and Layne Ulrich are both born in the drummer’s relationship with Skylar.

They are both following their father’s path as they form a Taipei Houston band. On the other hand, daughter Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen is born out of the Metallica member’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Connie.

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