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Larry Bird is Married to Wife: Dinah Mattingly. Kids: Corrie, Connor, Mariah

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Image of Larry Bird with his wife, Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird is famous for having a good track record as a coach and former basketball player. Larry was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, the United States, on December 7, 1956, and is now 65.

Legendary coaches in basketball coaches did not become great playmakers in an instant. They have been in the field before; they know what to do when crucial situations happen in the games.

He had an incredible career in the sports as he became a player for the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers. As an essential player for the teams he had played for during his career, Larry received many awards, including two-time NBA Finals MVP in the years 1984 and 1986, three-time NBA Most Valuable Player in the years 1984, 1985, and 1986, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, and NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player.

Keep reading this article because we have more information about Larry Bird’s wife, partner, married life, and children. He has set an excellent standard for aspiring players who want to enter the National Basketball Association and play for their respective teams.

However, his fans want to know if the legendary player turned coach has a special someone.

Larry Bird has been Married to his Wife: Dinah Mattingly since 1989

Image of Larry Bird with his wife, Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird with his wife, Dinah Mattingly

Throughout the entire career of Larry Bird, he has been an incredible player that was idolized by many NBA fans and college players. Moreover, he also needs someone to lean on during his career, whether in success or downfalls.

The basketball coach was married to Dianah Mattingly in 1989, and it happened in Terre Haute, Indiana, in their friend’s house. According to sources, the couple dated each other for a few years before deciding to tie the knot and exchange their vows.

Larry Bird’s wife became the solid foundation of the coach when he stopped playing basketball. As someone who is considered one of the greatest players, it is still heartbreaking to not be able to play the sport you love.

Several social media sites also say that Dinah considered playing sports in college, and they thought that might be why they got close quickly. The never-ending support of Larry Bird’s wife made it easier for him to accept that he should retire from the sport and start guiding new players who wanted to build their careers in leagues.

Surprisingly, the couple shows no signs of divorce or separation. Being together for a long time brought them challenges and misunderstandings, but the couple conquered them all, so they still stood firm and maintained a healthy relationship.

Larry Bird Previous Relationships and Ex-wife

When the renowned player started his career, many women wanted to be a part of his life. One of them is Janet Condra, and they have been together for at least a year.

The former couple jumped to the decision to marry each other in 1975, and they were both teenagers when the couple decided against committing to each other. However, people expected that they would not last long as they were too young to build a family.

Larry and Janet were in a happy relationship and even had one child. After being together for one year, they were already having problems.

The former couple attempted to establish solutions for the said conflicts, but it was not survivable. They ended their marital relationship in the year 1976, it was a short marriage, but people said that the situation in Larry’s life gave him many lessons.

Dinah Mattingly Biography

Larry Bird’s wife is Dinah Mattingly, and they were together for a very long time. She was born in the United States of America on November 16, 1954, and is now 67.

She is one of those wives who do not want to have exposure to the entertainment industry as she was able to keep a low-key life despite marrying one of the most famous basketball players in history. Larry Bird’s wife attended Indiana State University, but it was not revealed what degree she took.

We will update this article once we find more information about the personal life of Larry Bird’s wife.

Larry Bird’s Kids 

Image of Larry Bird's daughter, Corrie Bird

Larry Bird’s daughter, Corrie Bird

Before going to the children of Larry with his present wife, we will first discuss that the player had one biological child with his previous wife, Janet Condra. The former couple named their children Corrie.

According to sources, Larry Bird’s wife did not reveal information on why they chose to adopt children instead of having biological ones. However, people thought it was a great gesture to give orphaned children parents that would make them feel safe and happy.

Larry and Dinah have two adopted children named Connor and Mariah. Unfortunately, in 2013, Connor was arrested on the grounds of attempted murder, but he got out after it was shown that there was no evidence against him.

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