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Is Lance Tsosie Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Lance Tsosie

Lance Tsosie is a famous TikTok Diné activist. He creates content that spreads awareness about his people and their experiences.

His username on TikTok is Modern Warrior, and he uses this platform to give light to the different issues that Native Americans experience. Because of Tsosie’s degree in Political Science from the University of Denver, he can defend the rights of his people with modern and legal manners.

Lance has garnered over 3.2 million followers on his TikTok account and uses this platform to give a spotlight to his agenda. Curious about the celebrity’s life?

Read this article as we reveal more information about Lance Tsosie’s wife and relationship status.

Is Lance Tsosie Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Lance Tsosie
Lance Tsosie is a Diné activist, content creator, and social media personality. He is mostly known on an entertainment platform called TikTok.

The TikTok star has a lot of controversial takes and made numerous amounts of haters. But this did not stop the Modern Warrior from finding the love of his life.

According to sources, Lance Tsosie is in a relationship with his wife, Nermina Mujkanovic. The two have been seen in public by fans for quite some time now.

Even though the two may have a strong bond, it is not confirmed if they have already tied the knot. It is also said that their relationship is relatively new and started in 2021.

Nermina Mujkanović’s Biography

The activist may have had mishaps in the past, but that did not stop him from finding the love of his life. Lance has found a loving and caring partner in Nermina Mujkanovic.

The lovely woman is a Bosnia and Herzegovina native but moved to the United States early on in her life. Lance Tsosie’s wife is an International Studies graduate at the prestigious University of Denver.

Using her knowledge in pollical science, Nermina helps marginalized communities in the United States of America and assists them. The lovely woman also has given aid to refugees about legal action.

Her work as the Director of Constituent Services for a Member of Congress deals with issues with housing and immigration. She uses her position to provide additional help to those in need.

Besides her professional career, Lance Tsosie’s wife also has a position in the Rocky Mountain Welcome Center as a Board Member. She also is a Steering Committee Member for the Colorado Refugee and Speakers Bureau Board President of Stories Without Borders.

With her actions to help the community, Nermina has received a lot of appreciation because she is an immigrant.

Lance Tsosie’s Past Controversies

The TikTok activist was under fire last year because of her ex’s statements. Lance Tsosie’s ex-wife said that she was in a relationship with the TikTok personality for over six months until she found out that her partner was secretly going out to see other people while they were in a relationship.

Chelsea Hart, Lance Tsosie’s ex-partner, also stated that she should not have accepted Lance if she knew what he was doing. Modern Warrior apologized for this but gave lacking statements about the incident.

He said that he wanted to grow and learn from the experience. But after the bickering with Hart, another TikTok personality came forward to report her experience with Tsosie.

Amanda Marie has over 300,000 followers and had an almost identical story to Chelsea Hart. Amanda said that Tsosie also had unprotected intercourse with someone else.

This statement was released right after Modern Warrior denied the allegations made by Hart. Marie also stated that Lance failed to give informed consent, which made people debate whether it was a sexual misconduct.

This gained a lot of scrutiny because of the degree of the incident.

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