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Lance Lynn is Married to Wife: Dymin Hayes. 3 Kids

Image of Lance Lynn with his wife, Dymin Hayes

Michael Lance Lynn is the pitcher of the team Chicago White Sox in the Major League Baseball. Before his current team, he was a former member of the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, and St. Louis Cardinals.

His first team, St. Louis Cardinals, picked him up while playing for the University of Minnesota. Prior to being a professional player, he used to play for the team Ole Miss Rebels and delivered good statistics for the group.

The birthdate of the professional baseball athlete was discovered to be on the 12th of May 1987. He was born and raised by his parents, Jenny and Mike, in Indianapolis.

Since he was a child, he was already training for baseball, which is why it is not shocking that he is doing well in the sports presently. He was awarded an All-State honor during high school because of his exemplary performance as an athlete.

The skill of the pitcher is genuinely commendable. That is why people are wondering if there is a certain Lance Lynn’s wife who serves as an inspiration to the athlete. Find out more

Lance Lynn is Married to Dymin Hayes

Image of Lance Lynn with his wife, Dymin Hayes
Lance Lynn with his wife, Dymin Hayes

During interviews with the pitcher, it is inevitable not to be asked about Lance Lynn’s wife. He is not secretive in this part of his life because he reveals that there is a certain Lance Lynn’s wife under the name of Dymin Hayes.

There were no specific details regarding their wedding ceremony, but it was identified that it occurred in January of 2020.

Even though they share parts of their life publicly, they make sure to leave something for themselves. Information with regards to Lance Lynn’s wife’s early life and career is not disclosed to the public.

Dymin is frequently posted by her husband on his social media accounts. It looks like he is the proudest when it comes to his wife, likewise the support of Dymin when it comes to his competitions.

According to sources, the couple and their children live in Brentwood, Tennessee. Their residence is perfect for living lowly, especially now that they have kids.

Lance Lynn’s Past Relationships

Ten years prior to the remarriage of Lance Lynn, he exchanged vows with a lady named Lauren Grill. The previous Lance Lynn’s wife is also an athlete who plays softball at the same university as the pitcher.

The reason behind their separation is not known to the public as of this writing. But the Chicago White Sox player stated that it is surely not because of his present wife.

Their marriage appeared to be perfect before it was not. Fans were saddened by the news but learned to accept what had transpired because they believe that the former couple’s decision is only for the best.

Lance Lynn’s Kids

Image of Lance Lynn with his wife, Dymin Hayes, and their kids
Lance Lynn with his wife, Dymin Hayes, and their kids

As a well-established man, Lance is already capable of raising a family of his own. As of this writing, he has three children registered under his name.

All of his kids are girls; thus, he is very protective of them. His first daughter is from his marriage with his previous wife.

The name of his eldest daughter is not disclosed to the public. Moreover, details about the eldest child is not disclosed as well.

It was reported that Lance and Lauren co-parent their child. The pitcher said that even though they separated, they only want the best for their baby girl.

His marriage with Dymin Hayes delivered two beautiful baby girls into this world. As the first daughter, details were not also released including what they look like.

The parents of the three children want to protect their children from controversies because they believe no one deserves to go through bad publicity, especially kids. However, it is already up to their kids if they want to live a public life once they are at the right age.

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