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Kyle Seager is Married to Wife: Julie Seager. 3 Kids.

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Image of Kyle and Julie Seager with their kids, Crue, Emely and

Kyle Duerr Seager is one of the American professional baseball players with extensive experience in Major League Baseball (MLB) as he appeared for ten seasons, starting from 2011 up to his retirement in 2021. He plays the third baseman position for his only team, Seattle Mariners.

His professional career met its highest point in his third year when he was picked as an All-Star player and an awardee of the prestigious Gold Glove Award. His athleticism is evident in his MLB record with an average of 242 Home runs and .251 batting.

If you are a fan of baseball or Kyle Seager himself, continue reading this Wikipedia-type biography. We will tackle Kyle Seager’s wife, family, and kids!

Kyle Seager has been Married to Julie Seager since 2011

Image of Kyle Seager wit his wife, Julie Seager
Kyle Seager with his wife, Julie Seager

The star athlete and his wife, Julie Seager, since the 10th of December, 2011, and it was celebrated privately, with only their closest loved ones as their witnesses. The pair is showy to their social media accounts about their endearment to each other, particularly Kyle Seager’s wife, Julie’s unending support for her husband’s sports career.

They have been blessed with three beautiful children in their over a decade of the relationship as a married couple, which we will discuss later. Kyle Seager’s wife and the star himself decided to leave the limelight given by baseball and settle on their farm in Seattle this year.

Apart from their three children, they are also fur parents to their two dogs, Lucy and Jack, and their farm animals. There have been no reports or rumors about conflicts, affairs, or any separation in the last decade of their marriage.

Julie Seager’s Biography

Julie Bentley Seager is Kyle Seager’s wife. She has been Kyle’s number one fan and supporter throughout his career as she continues to prove to the world how loving and caring she is.

Julie regularly comes to watch Kyle during the playoffs, which encourages him. She was born and raised in North Carolina, has American citizenship, and is of white ethnicity. Julie had always received high marks for her performance since she was a child.

When Julie turned to college, she also obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from a public United Stated university, making her look like a knowledgeable woman. However, her exact birth date and age are not publicly available, but Julie appears to be between 30 and 35.

Kyle Seager’s Kids

Image of Kyle and Julie Seager with their kids, Crue, Emely and Audrey Seager
Kyle and Julie Seager with their kids, Crue, Emely and

During their decades of relationship, the couple was blessed with two daughters, Audrey and Emely, and their eldest child, Crue. Audrey was born in October 2016, and Emelyn was born in 2018 and will be four years old in 2022.

Like their mother, the children adore and enjoy watching Kyle’s tournament games. Under the love and care of their responsible parents, the three children live blissful and happy life.

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