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Is Kyle Mooney married to wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Kyle Mooney

Kyle James Kozub Mooney, known professionally as Kyle Mooney, is a well-recognized American comedian, writer, and actor. He is better known for being a regular cast member, writer, and performer for multiple sketch comedy performances in Upright Citizens Brigade since 2007 and Saturday Night Live since 2013.

In addition, he is recognized when he acted and appeared as Rory in Hello Ladies, an HBO sitcom. If you wonder whether the American actor and comedian Kyle Mooney has tied the knot, continue reading this article.

Get updated with the information about his dating status and rumors, and see if he has kids. Who is Kyle Mooney’s wife?

Kyle Mooney’s dating status

Image of Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney is an American actor, comedian, and writer, and a cast member of Saturday Night Live

The actor-comedian presently does not have a girlfriend and is not married to a wife. According to reports by credible sources, he has been single since his career started.

Furthermore, he has not been in any official and public romantic relationship, and he has neither been previously engaged to a fiancée nor married an ex-wife. The comedian has not found a significant other, and that is why Kyle Mooney’s wife is not yet introduced to the general public.

He has kept himself from sharing any details about his relationship status and has maintained his low-keyness in his social networking accounts as they have not had any affair clues.

Kyle Mooney’s dating rumors

Image of Kyle Mooney with his rumored partner, Leslie Jones
Kyle Mooney with his rumored partner, Leslie Jones

Rumor has it that he had dated fellow actress and comedian, Leslie Jones. The Saturday Night Live co-stars have been one convincing on-screen couple that made fans believe they are not-so-secretly involved.

Could she have been Kyle Mooney’s wife? Their supposed affair had sparked even more with their comedy sketch Kyle & Leslie was released in 2017.

It featured a dream love story where they even married and had kids until she decided not to return to Saturday Night Live via Washington Post’s confirmation in 2019. However, they seem to be only good friends, and both have not been seen in a romantic aspect apart from their performances.

Kyle Mooney’s kids

In regards to the Upright Citizens Brigade performer’s kids, he does not have any. Most people wonder and speculate if he already has children as he has been handling children pretty well.

Another reason fans speculate that he has one is his Instagram account post on the 28th day of June 2014. He was seen with a little boy who completely resembles him and can be regarded as his miniature version.

Netizens proved the allegations to be untrue as the kid he was seen with was only his nephew, Lucian, from his brother, Sean Mooney. He is yet to have children of his own.

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