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Kyle Guy is Married to Wife: Alexa Jenkins. Kids

Image of Kyle Guy with his wife, Alexa Jenkins

Kyle Joseph Guy is a basketball player from the United States of America. He plays a shooting guard in Cleveland Charge in the NBA G League.

Kyle has been a basketball fan since he was a child and even dreamt of being the professional player he is today. He played for his school in high school and garnered the award for McDonald’s All-American.

His basketball skills were further enhanced when he played as a shooting guard for Virginia Cavaliers. The career of the athlete under his college lasted for three years, wherein he was declared the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player.

Being a prominent player in his field, people are wondering if there is a certain Kyle Guy’s wife who supports him during his games. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his wife and kids.

Kyle Guy is Married to Alexa Jenkins

Image of Kyle Guy with his wife, Alexa Jenkins
Kyle Guy with his wife, Alexa Jenkins

The basketball player’s stature is genuinely commendable. That is why many women are lining up to be one of his dating interests. However, it is impossible because Kyle Guy’s wife is known to be a lovely woman named Alexa Jenkins.

The couple met during their teenage years and initiated their romance in the 8th grade. Many people believed that the duo was only experiencing puppy love, but they proved them wrong because, in February of 2018, the professional athlete proposed to Alexa.

Presently known as Kyle Guy’s wife, Alexa exchanged vows with Kyle in July 2019. Their wedding preparations are tiring but surely worth it.

The duo decided to tie the knot in Hawaii because of its majestic beauty. The wedding was attended by many people, including the co-players of the shooting guard.

Although they did not keep their relationship with the public, the couple ensured they still had privacy left for them to enjoy. As of this writing, there are no controversies listed under Kyle and Alexa’s marriage.

Who is Alexa Jenkins?

Alexa Jenkin is famously known as Kyle Guy’s wife. Although she was associated with a professional athlete, she is a person who is practicing law.

She went to De Pauw University to attain her undergraduate degree. Not long after, she went to Notre Dame for further studies with respect to the law.

Kyle Guy’s wife is truly a gem because she was there when the Cleveland Charge player was still starting until he reached his dream to be a professional athlete. Since day one, she has been cheering and rooting for her husband.

Kyle Guy’s Kids

Being in a relationship since their teenage years constrained the couple to do many things together. Now that they are happily married, they can do whatever they want without an authority figure telling them what to and not to do.

Furthermore, the couple does not have kids listed under their names. They expressed that they wanted to enjoy their time together as a couple and explore the world.

Both are considerably young, which is why there is no pressure when it comes to having a child. They added that the time would come, and Kyle Guy’s wife is always ready for the perfect moment to arrive.

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