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Kurtis Conner is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Jenna Allard

Image of Kurtis Conner with his girlfriend, Jenna Allard

Kurtis Conner is famous for being a content creator on YouTube, a comedian, and previously a Viner. He was born Kurtis Matthew Kenneth Conner in Toronto, Canada, on the 4th day of May in 1994.

His career started in his collegiate days, wherein he was a member of the Comedy Writing and Performance program of Humber College. He gained expertise and techniques from making and delivering jokes effectively.

He started his career online as a Viner before the application was put to stop in 2017. He transferred to YouTube to continue creating funny content, which was done without a sweat because he already had an audience when he was still a Viner.

The funny spills of the actor make people wonder how Kurtis Conner’s wife copes with living with him every day.


Kurtis Conner is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Jenna Allard

Image of Kurtis Conner with his girlfriend, Jenna Allard
Kurtis Conner with his girlfriend, Jenna Allard

Being a funny man with good looks indeed makes many girls line up to be his dating interest. To their dismay, the content creator is already committed to a long-term serious relationship with the presumed Kurtis Conner’s wife.

The woman who would most likely assume the title Kurtis Conner’s wife is under the name register of Jenna Allard. The couple is lowkey with regards to their relationship, especially Jenna.

According to sources, she tries her best to avoid the limelight; however, she sometimes appears on YouTuber’s content. The couple is currently in a relationship because of their familiar friend, Hannah Bingham.

Hannah is always mentioning the Viner to her friend. It seems like she is building up Kurtis’ personality for Jenna to like.

According to the YouTuber himself, he experienced love at first sight when he saw the presumed Kurtis Conner’s wife. He said that he knew she was the one for him when they first met at the hotel where Hannah and Jenna were staying.

After their first meeting in the hotel, the content creator left his headband in Jenna’s room. He asked how he could retrieve it, and his present girlfriend responded through a picture of her wearing it.

Their relationship started from that point on. It was the best decision ever, as stated by the previous Viner.

Currently, their relationship is not subjected to any controversies and dramas. It is because they are so in love with each other even after being together for more than six years as of this writing.

Jenna Allard’s Biography

Known for her social media presence as an Instagram influencer, Jenna Allard became famous for her life updates and gorgeous looks. She mainly works as an internet personality and is receiving her income through advertising and sponsorships by local and more established brands.

Kurtis Conner’s Kids

The long-term couple is not yet married; thus, the topic of kids is not yet in the picture. However, they are practicing being parents through their fur babies.

Currently, they own a dog, and they named him Kiwi. The dog is frequently posted on the YouTuber’s social media accounts like he is a proud father.

Furthermore, Kurtis said he would be the first to announce if Jenna is already pronounced as Kurtis Conner’s wife. Hopefully, they will get married as soon as possible.

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