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Kurt Bardella is Married to Wife: Miroslava Korenha. Kids

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Image of Kurt Bardella with his wife. Miroslava Korenha

Kurt Bardella is a famous American writer known for his solid political statements as an official contributor to the Los Angeles Times and USA Today, where he supports the democratic party after leaving his previous post of being a columnist for the Republican congress. He is also a blogger who makes materials for The Morning Hangover’s country music magazine.

His name was first heard when he became the Deputy Communications Director of the previous representative Darrell Issa. Apart from his busy career, he is also a loving partner and a husband.

Learn the latest information about Kurt Bardella’s wife in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Kurt Bardella is Married to Miroslava Korenha since 2017

Image of Kurt Bardella with his wife. Miroslava Korenha
Kurt Bardella with his wife. Miroslava Korenha

The political commentator was wedded to his first and last girlfriend, Miroslava Korenha, in 2017. Before they got married, Kurt Bardella’s wife spent a long time in the dating phase of their relationship.

Reports claim that they have been together since they were college students. The pair rarely post updates and pictures of their relationship, but it is known that they are living in harmony as there are no adverse claims and speculations recorded between the two.

In their five years of marriage life, Kurt and Miroslava are still waiting for the chance to have their little one, but they claim that none of them is rushing to have a baby, as they are both happy with each other.

Miroslava Korenha’s Short Biography

Just like her famous husband, Miroslava Korenha-Bardella also pursues a career in writing and activism. She is the founder and writer of Our Daily Planet, an online platform covering other news and statistics about the Earth and ways to deal with environmental issues and problems.

Apart from her professional work, she also contributes to society by forming Non-Government Organizations that cater to the environment’s need and a mission to minimize the growing effects of global warming and climate change. Miroslava protects her privacy and her family, making the details about her birthday, parents, and siblings undisclosed in public.

However, it is a fact that she was born and raised in the country Ukraine and moved to the US to finish her bachelor’s degree at the University of California Sta. Barbara. Even though her age is presently unidentified, she is presumed to be in her late 20s, a few years younger than her spouse,

Kurt Bardella’s Kids

As of 2022, there are no news announcements regarding the writer and his wife’s pregnancy update. They still do not have any children, but as stated earlier, they shrug it off because they are content with one another.

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