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Is Korey Wise Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Past Relationships

Image of Korey Wise

Korey Wise advocates for criminal justice reform in the United States of America. He goes around the country to raise awareness with regard to criminal justice to help inform people about its context.

His call for reform started when he spent the majority of his life being wrongfully sentenced in a case famously known as Central Park jogger. There was also four youth who was unjustifiably convicted, namely Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana Jr., and Antron McCray.

They allegedly attacked a woman named Trisha Meili, who was peacefully having her morning jog in Central Park. He spent 14 years in prison, wrongfully incarcerated, from 1989 to 2002.

The life story of the activist is surely moving. That is why a lot of people are wondering whether there is news with respect to Korey Wise’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about the advocate, including his dating status, past relationships, and controversies.

Korey Wise’s Dating Status

Image of Korey Wise
Korey Wise is an American activist. He is known for advocating for criminal justice reform.

There were speculations regarding Korey Wise’s wife. However, there are no reports confirming the rumors. It was assumed that the activist kept details with regard to his personal life private because of his principles in life.

According to reports, Korey Wise is not married to a wife nor in the dating scene as of this writing. It was assumed that he is a bachelor and is focused on fighting for the betterment of the criminal justice sector to avoid further incarcerating innocent people, specifical people of color.

Korey Wise’s Past Relationships

Before the unjustifiable event in Korey’s life, he had a girlfriend named Lisa. It was revealed by the actor Ava Duvernay in one of her tweets.

In her tweet, she said that whenever Wise mentions the name of her then-girlfriend, he always makes sure to add the phrase “Rest in Peace.” The clarification occurred because Korey Wise’s wife is frequently asked, and she wants to clear it for the wrongfully convicted Korey.

Ava also said that there was no reconnection that took place between the past lovers because Lisa died while the activist was in prison. The event arose during the late 80s; thus, the connection between the two was not stable, and they could not talk before the trials.

Followers of the advocate for criminal justice assume Korey Wise’s wife is Lisa because the actor did not find love after her. It seemed like he was already satisfied with their relationship back then, but it is evident that he is heartbroken for not marrying the love of his life.

There is a Netflix film entitled When They See Uswhich aims to immortalize the prejudiced conviction among five teenagers. The film included the part when the presumed Korey Wise’s wife was forsaken because the 16-year-old boy would go to Central Park with his friends.

It was when the then-teenagers were accused of the heinous crime that happened to Trish Meili. After 13 years with hardcore criminals, the Central Park 5 was released from jail, robbed of their future and youth.

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