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Kmele Foster is Married to Wife: Tracy Foster. Kids.

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Image of Kmele with his wife, Tracy Foster

Kmele Foster is an American political analyst and commentator. He is famous for his works in the Fifth Column Podcast.

Kmele Foster was born on October 21, 1990. He is currently an entrepreneur and works at TelcoIQ, a telecommunications consultancy company.

Foster is the vice president of Telco IQ. But before this, he was first the former chairman of a non-profit organization called America’s Future Foundation located in Washington, DC.

The famous political personality was also a former host. He hosted the show The Independents on Fox Business Network.

Today, the prominent figure works as the lead producer in Freethink. With the busy career of the celebrity, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, married life, and kids of Kmele Foster.

Kmele Foster is Married to Wife: Tracy Foster

Image of Kmele with his wife, Tracy Foster
Kmele with his wife, Tracy Foster

The notable political commentator has a busy career. But this is not a hindrance to his love life.

Kmele Foster is married to his long-time partner Tracy Foster. According to sources, the two has enjoyed a lengthy relationship before they tied the knot.

Although there is no information about the couple’s marriage, they have been together for as early as 2015. The two has shared a lot of memorable moments.

They love traveling around the world and discovering new places to explore. They usually travel to South America with their baby girl.

Tracy Foster’s Biography

Kmele Foster has good judgement when picking a partner. This is shown with the love of his life, Tracy.

Tracy Foster is Kmele Foster’s wife. She rose to prominence as the other half of the famous political commentator.

Although her husband is well-known, the lovely woman is a celebrity on herself. She is the founder of the company ONA.

It is an international company that produces and sells handcrafted items and bags. Their company aims to provide photographers and storytellers high quality materials that would help their craft.

Mrs. Foster started the company on 2010. With her as the marketing strategist, ONA has provided thousands of fine bags to their customers. Besides being a businesswoman, she also is a hands-on mother.

Tracy is the mother of Kmele’s 2 kids. She has a tough schedule but makes sure to have time for her children.

Kmele Foster’s wife also loves traveling. With her husband, they have travelled to different parts of the world.

One of their favorite destinations was in the Salar De Aguas Calientes in Chile. According to the beautiful woman, she is amazed by the culture of various places and likes trying out their local dishes.

Despite having a lot of things to do, Tracy is also a full-time wife. Kmele Foster’s wife spends time with him and shows her full support for his career.

Kmele Foster’s Kids

Image of Kmele and Tracy Foster with their kids, Lia Lynette Emerson and Coen Anthony Thoreau Foster
Kmele and Tracy Foster with their kids, Lia Lynette Emerson and Coen Anthony Thoreau Foster

The marriage between Kmele and Tracy has seen its fair share of challenges. But according to them, the biggest challenge that their relationship face is raising their children.

The lovely couple has two kids: a son and a daughter.

Their firstborn is the beautiful Lia Lynette Emerson Foster. She was born in December 2017.

Her growth was documented by her father on his Instagram account. The cute young girl is already four years old and has started learning the English alphabet.

Their second born is the cute Coen Anthony Thoreau Foster. He was born in March of 2022.

The cute little boy has shared features with his father. The family of four lives together in their home in New York City, United States.

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