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King Lil G is not married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Kimberly Michele. Kids: Lexi, Leilah Gonzales.

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Image of King Lil G with his girlfriend, Kimberly Michele

The Mexican hip-hop artist, King Lil G, is gradually rising to prominence and making his name known through his hit singles, Hopeless Boy (2014), Grow Up (2015), and No Face, No Ca$e (2019). He also released critically acclaimed albums such as Ak47 Boyz and 90s Kid. The Latino rapper, whose birth name is Alex Gonzales, grew up in Los Angeles and got involved in gang activities. This is mainly why his songs are violent and explicit.

Besides rapping, he aspires to enter the film industry as a director of future films and TV shows. This Wikipedia-type article will focus more on King Lil G’s wife as this encompasses the details about his dating relationship and children.

King Lil G is not married to wife: Dating a girlfriend, Kimberly Michele.

Image of King Lil G with his girlfriend, Kimberly Michele
King Lil G with his girlfriend, Kimberly Michele

The upcoming star may be picky in giving personal details, but he confidently shares his loving girlfriend, Kimberly Michele, with his fans. With their status now, Kimberly can be King Lil G’s wife in the future.

The couple did not disclose the particulars of their intimate relationship, but it is confirmed that they have already been together as early as 2017 as they welcomed their first daughter.

The couple seems to have a happy and healthy relationship, as they frequently post each other in their respective social media accounts. As of now, there is no concrete information whether they have plans to get married anytime soon but they claim that they are blessed and happy in their current phase.

Kimberly Michele’s Short Biography

Kimberly Michele is the supportive and loving partner of a Mexican-based based artist. She rarely posts in her social media, but when she does, it is always related to his famous boyfriend. She met King Lil G by the time that he is just an indie artist with small fan base so she can confidently say that if there is anyone who should be hailed as the number one fan, it is her.

She has proven how much she adores the rapper, and the fans hope that she can be King Lil G’s wife in the years to come.

She first got attention from the hip-hop artist’s fanatics when it was revealed that she is pregnant with the singer’s child. As vocal as she is in showing affection to her partner and daughter, Kimberly is quite secretive about her personal life, however, it is known that she was born and raised in Mexico but eventually decided to migrate in United States, particularly in Luis Obispo, California.

She is a daughter to her single mother, Richele Cheney, and was born on the 13th of May, 1993. Her current occupation is being a promoter and endorser of her husband’s gigs and merchandise, she also garnered over 800 followers on Instagram.

King Lil G’s Kids

Image of King Lil G with his daughter, Lexi
King Lil G with his daughter, Lexi

In his long relationship with his partner, he was blessed with two lovely daughters, Lexi and Leilah, with the former turning 4 years old in June 11 this year, and the latter being one year old as of the moment. The two children are living a blissful and comfortable life with the care of their responsible parents.

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