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Kevin Schiele is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Melanie. Kids

Image of Kevin Schiele with his fiancée, Melanie

Kevin Schiele is a famous television star, car enthusiast, shop foreman, and mechanic. He is one of the crew members of the famous TV show, Bitchin’ Rides, headed by Dave Kindig.

He has been working for the shop since 2004 up to this day. It has given him the platform to show the world his knowledge and skills when it comes to cars. 

Restoring cars indeed takes most of the mechanic’s life. That is why people are wondering if there is news regarding Kevin Schiele’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him, including his engagement and kids.

Kevin Schiele is Engaged with Melanie

Image of Kevin Schiele
Kevin Schiele is a car enthusiast, mechanic, and a television personality

Being one of the members of Bitchin’ Rides, Kevin Schiele’s wife is frequently asked during forums or interviews. According to sources, the car enthusiast is not married to a wife but is now engaged to his fiancée named Melanie.

The shop foreman proposed to the lovely lady on the 1st of November in 2018. The engagement was not announced by the couple themselves; instead, it was publicized by Dave and his wife Charity.

Dave Kindig posted a picture congratulating his crew on his engagement with his wife. The famous car enthusiast disclosed that the engagement occurred during The SEMA Show.

The presumptive Kevin Schiele’s wife is not fond of public attention, but she is often seen with Charity. They always spend the time together having double dates, and it is posted on Dave Kindig’s wife’s Instagram and other social handles.

The mother trucker of Bitchin’ Rides is usually posting about his friends on his social media accounts but never posting about his fiancée. Fans are speculating that Kevin and his long-time girlfriend have already broken up.

However, it was mentioned that the presumed Kevin Schiele’s wife does not like to be posted on the socials of the foreman. She would not like to be associated, social media-wise, with her soon-to-be-husband.

Fans are waiting for the news that Melanie will be pronounced as Kevin Schiele’s wife. Nonetheless, they expressed their support for whatever the decision of the famous personality is.

Kevin Schiele’s Kids

Kevin is still enjoying the perks of not being tied into a life-long commitment. His marriage after the engagement on the 1st of November is yet to be publicized.

Ergo, the shop foreman has no kids listed under his name. He expressed that he is not yet ready to be a father.

Furthermore, he added that if he were a dad someday, he would teach his children all his knowledge of cars and other automotive vehicles. He wants them to share the same passion as him because it truly gives him happiness.

Kevin Schiele’s wife must be understanding enough with the wishes of the shop foreman. It takes a lot of patience and time to learn about vehicles.

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