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Kevin Na is Married to Wife: Julianne Na.   

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Image of Kevin Na with his wife, Julianne Na , and their kids, Julia and Leo Na

Kevin Na is an American professional golfer that has achieved success in different significant tournaments. His recent stint was on the prestigious PGA Tour.

Kevin Sangwook Na was born on September 15, 1983. He grew up in the United States of America but was born in SeoulSouth Korea.

He started his professional golf career at a young age. The star golfer has had success in different tournaments in the world.

His first major tour win was in Long Beach Open on July 28, 2002. This was followed by his success at the Asian Tour in the same year.

Ever since then, the world-renowned athlete has had success in different tournaments. With the busy career of the golfer, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, married life, and kids of, Kevin Na.

So who is Kevin Na’s wife? Stay tuned for more!

Kevin Na is Married to Wife: Julianne Na

Image of Kevin Na with his wife, Julianne Na
Kevin Na with his wife, Julianne Na

The star athlete has committed a lot to his career and passion. But he has another commitment, his other half.

Kevin Na is married to his wife, Julianne Na. The two have spent almost their entire life with each other.

According to sources, the couple was longtime lovers before deciding to marry. They tied the knot in 2016 and have lived together ever since.

The ceremony was attended by their close friends and families because the two wanted to retain their privacy. But the married couple has shared their experiences on their social media accounts.

The lovebirds like traveling. They have been to different parts of the world with their children.

But besides traveling for leisure, they also travel whenever Kevin has tournaments in other places.

Julianne Na

The pro-golfer has been on the field for most of his life. But whenever he is off the grass, he is accompanied by his other half.

Julianne Na is Kevin Na’s wife. She gained prominence after being in a relationship with the star athlete.

Julianne is a hands-on partner. The lovely woman is always in attendance during Kevin’s tournaments and games.

It is said that she enjoys watching golf and loves supporting his husband. Besides the games, she also likes traveling.

Kevin Na’s wife loves exploring different parts of the world. Her favorite destinations are Korea and Hawaii.

Besides being a wonderful wife, she is also a superb mother. The gorgeous Korean mom takes care of her three children.

She often takes them out and travels with them. Julianne makes sure that her kids are well and her husband is happy.

Kevin Na’s Kids

Image of Kevin Na with his wife, Julianne Na , and their daughter, Julia Na
Kevin Na with his wife, Julianne Na, and their daughter, Julia Na

Despite the demanding schedule of the golf star, he still managed to build his own family. Kevin and Julianne are blessed with three beautiful children.

Their first-born child is the beautiful daughter Sofia Na. Sofia resembles a lot of her mother.

The young lady likes singing and dancing and doing art. Sophia’s parents let her enjoy her youth to build her confidence in herself.

Their second child is the handsome son Leo. Leo shares a lot of features with his father.

Even though he’s young, he already shows interest in golf. But the pro-golfer does not want to put pressure on him and instead supports the kid in whatever he wants to pursue.

Their youngest is the cute baby Logan. Logan was born on March 7, 2022.

He is a light baby that weighed 3. kgs at birth. The family of five currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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