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Is Kevin Hodge Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? 4 Kids.

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Image of Hodge twins' Kevin Hodge with his wife, Keith

Kevin Hodge was born in Martinsville, Virginia, the United States, on September 17, 1975, and he is now 46. After uploading humorous videos of himself and his twin brother on their YouTube channel, he rose to fame.

People know them as brothers who advocate for fitness. They love to share their exercises on various social media platforms. Although Kevin likes to post comedic videos of himself on the internet, many fans idolize him for taking good care of his body.

His twin brother, Keith, was the one who brought up the idea of being an online personality after being tired of taking many full-time and part-time jobs. They created their YouTube channel on December 22, 2008, and they were not disappointed since they have 2.32 million subscribers.

Many subscribers want to know if the fitness enthusiast and internet personality has someone who celebrates his successes with him. Keep reading this Wikipedia-like article because we have more details about Kevin Hodge, his wife, married life, partner, and children.

Kevin Hodge has been Married to Wife since 2000

Image of Hodge twins' Kevin Hodge with his wife, Keith
Kevin Hodge with his wife, Keith

Women want to know if the charming and handsome personality has a partner. Although we do not see Kevin posting videos and pictures of him with someone, he is happily married to his wife.

According to sources, Kevin Hodge’s wife has been married to the influencer for almost 20 years, and he has been an appreciative husband to his partner. Unlike his brother, Kevin likes to keep personal matters away from their exposure in th entertainment industry to prevent controversies and misconceptions about him.

Moreover, the couple shows no signs of separation, and they value their marriage. That is why Kevin Hodge’s wife always chooses to resolve conflicts privately whenever there are conflicts.

The YouTube star also had a couple of interviews, leading us to the information that everyone is looking for. Kevin and his wife were blessed with four adorable children, and they have been supportive of them ever since. 

Who is Kevin Hodge’s Wife?

The online personality’s wife did not want to be exposed to the public, and she chose not to be involved in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, Hodge respects her decision and does not include her in his videos and interviews.

We will try to update this article once there is available information about the identity of the media personality’s wife. 

Kevin Hodge’s Kids 

Twenty years of marriage is not easy, but Kevin and his wife were able to surpass problems in their relationship. They gave birth to four children.

However, the kids’ identities were not disclosed to the public for privacy reasons. According to sources, the vlogger stated that his four children were aged 25, 18, 13, and 9.

Privacy means a lot to the online star, and he managed to keep his family’s details to himself. According to interviews, he loves to spend time with his children and would do anything to give them the stable life they deserve since he knows how to live without money.

When he was a kid, he had a bad experience that Kevin and Keith had no choice but to shoplift for food. Social media users find this a good gesture as he knows what to teach their children and how to cope with different situations without choosing the wrong options. 

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