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Kerr Smith is Married to Wife: Lisa Smith. Kids  

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Image of Kerr Smith

Kerr Van Cleve Smith is an artist from the United States of America. His most famous project is a series entitled Dawson’s Creek, where he played Jack McPhee.

His forte is aligned with drama series such as Charmed, My Bloody Valentine 3D, and The Fosters. In 2014, he was featured in the movie with the title Where Hope Grows.

His birthdate was discovered on the 9th of March 1972 in Exton, Pennsylvania. The schools he attended are namely Peirce Middle School, Henderson High School, and the University of Vermont.

When he was still in college, he used to be one of the members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He did not let his studies flop while he was doing extracurricular work because he was proclaimed as one of the top students in his batch.

The actor’s success is truly unique; however, people are wondering if there is news with regards to Kerr Smith’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his past relationships and kids.

Kerr Smith is Married to Lisa Smith

Image of Kerr Smith
Kerr Smith is an American actor. He is known for his works as ack McPhee on The WB drama series Dawson’s Creek and Kyle Brody in The WB supernatural drama Charmed.

The colorful life of the actor is admired by many of his supporters. In addition, Kerr Smith’s wife is also one of the hot topics when it comes to the TV personality’s life.

According to sources, the artist is married to a wife named Lisa. Specific information with regards to their marriage is not disclosed to the public.

Kerr and Lisa dreamt of being successful entrepreneurs so they could retire early. Aligned to their age gap, they established a health and wellness business.

Their company is famously known as TerraLife Wellness. They offer holistic wellness to their customers, especially those who are already aging. 

Kerr Smith’s Past Relationships

Image of Kerr Smith with his former partner, Harmoni Everett
Kerr Smith with his former partner, Harmoni Everett

Despite the announcement of Kerr Smith’s wife, people are still curious about his past relationships. Three of the women linked to the actor are namely Harmoni Everett, Alexis Thorpe, and Ali Hillis.

Alexis and Ali are his past girlfriends that did not last for a long time. The reason for their separation was not known to the media as of this writing.

On the other hand, Harmoni Everett was previously Kerr Smith’s wife. They were married from the 7th of June 2003 and ended their marriage on the 20th of March 2009.

The couple did not disclose anything with regard to their marriage or separation. The only knowledge of the public aligned with their relationship was that Kerr was the one who filed for divorce.

Kerr Smith’s Kids 

It is not ancient knowledge that Smith has been married twice throughout his life. However, both marriages did not deliver any children into this world.

According to the actor, he dedicated his whole teenage and adult years to acting. Thus, he missed the chance to build a family.

Additionally, he does not plan to have kids his age now because he would, most likely, be an absent father because of his age. If he is a father, he wants to see his kids’ milestones and growth as a person.

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