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Kenny Meiselas is Married to Wife: Beth Katz Meiselas. Kids.

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Image of Kenny Meiselas with his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas

Kenny Meiselas is the guy that Hollywood celebrities and musical artists go to if they ever find themselves in legal territory that they are not familiar with. We all know that what comes with fame and fortune is the worry of legal trouble and the intricacies of paper and files they need to fill.

As regular citizens, we do not glimpse what goes behind the curtains of each artist’s struggle and how their music shows, concerts, and tours are approved. For those things to be possible, people like Kenny are being employed so that all the paper works, acquisitions, and inquiries would be authorized.

He is best known for being the official advisor and attorney for prominent artists such as Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Usher, Nicki Minaj, etc. His street cred among these well-known celebrities and artists is above that he is almost always the go-to guy for legal worries and whatnot.

While these great names handle all of our entertainment, he is the one that makes sure that our music and our beloved singers’ work would reach us—if not for people like him, seeing our idols would be full of hassle and just outright impossible.

Who is Kenny Meiselas’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Kenny Meiselas has been Married to his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas, since 2004

Image of Kenny Meiselas with his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas
Kenny Meiselas with his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas

Kenny Meiselas’ wife met his loving husband through connections with recognizable individuals. It is believed that they met at a Grammy rehearsal since they both work for award-winning artists.

Kenny Meiselas’ wife Beth Katz is working for Jennifer Lopez as a publicist, while our beloved attorney was working for other musicians in that place. He got attracted to her, so former lovers J.Lo and P. Diddy got to work and made a bridge to connect the two.

From meeting at one of the grandest events in the world to becoming husband and wife, the couple had a fantastic story to tell. What seems to be an award show meant to recognize the most incredible musical talents can also be a place where love stories are born.

Kenny Meiselas’ Previous Relationships

It is believed that our beloved attorney had at least one relationship before meeting his current partner. Unfortunately, he has not disclosed any information regarding her or the details of their marriage.

But people speculate that they spent a few years as lovers before moving on and traveling their paths. The advisor only wishes the best for his former lover despite the roads they’ve taken.

Beth Katz Meiselas’ Biography

As mentioned above, Kenny Meiselas’ wife also works in the same industry as he is, just maybe not on the legal side of things. She became notable for being a former publicist who arranges all the media attention their client can get, including the fabulous Jennifer Lopez.

She has then left that occupation and is just enjoying the fruits of her labor, living her best life, and waking up peacefully and comfortably. Katz has then traded the busy atmosphere of her former job filled with flashing lights in exchange for a quiet lifestyle.

Kenny Meiselas’ Kids

Image of Kenny Meiselas with his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas, and their kids, Ben, Brett, and Jordan
Kenny Meiselas with his wife, Beth Katz Meiselas, and their kids, Ben, Brett, and Jordan

The couple has four kids of their proper ages and is also working and aspiring to work in the entertainment industry, just like their parents. Interestingly enough, three of those kids, Ben, Brett, and Jordan, came from the lawyer’s first wife.

However, the lovebirds had a daughter of their own named Rachel. She is attending high school, but her parents note that she is an aspiring journalist that looks forward to working in the sports industry as a reporter.

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