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Kem is Married to Wife: Erica Owens. Kids.

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Image of Kem with his wife, Erica Owens

Most notably known by his artist name Kem, Kim Owens is a remarkable singer-songwriter and producer. He is known for his works in the R&B and Soul genres and Jazz and Neo-Soul.

A soothing voice paired with a sophisticated arrangement of musicianship and instrumentation will almost always result in the beautiful music of our beloved artist. He started his career back in 1999 and boasted more than two decades of experience in producing hits and songs.

Before he got his big break in 2001, he was pushing forward his pieces by himself, funding and creating them out of his pocket. His debut album entitled Kemistry results from years of hard work and dedication fueled by his passion for creating amazing tunes.

When he caught the attention of a significant label known as Motown Records, his connections and windows of opportunity widened. It was sealed when the record company signed him, and success followed suit.

Who is Kem’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Kem has been Married to his Wife, Erica Owens since 2019

Image of Kem with his wife, Erica Owens
Kem with his wife, Erica Owens

The lucky woman married to the artist known to many as Kem’s wife is no other than the beautiful Erica Owens. The origin and start of their love story are pretty unknown to many, but it is believed that they hit it off years before their wedding.

Sources state that they have been dating and flirting for four years before Kem’s wife and he decided to make things official between them. Their wedding took place in the great state of Hawaii, attended by close friends, colleagues, and their respective families.

Kem Previous’ Relationships

Even though the star is famous in the music industry, there is little to no information regarding his previous romantic relationships. This led people to believe he had no prior lovers before meeting his long-time girlfriend and now wife, Erica Owens.

Erica Owens’ Biography

We all know that Erica’s husband is a well-recognized figure in R&B and Soul, but to many, it is surprising that Kem’s wife also works in the music industry. Mrs. Owens is an excellent Disc Jockey who has performed in various social gatherings, events, and clubs.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why the couple clicked when they met each other before. Both of them have an excellent taste and sense of music.

Today, she is still employed as a professional DJ, taking care of her family and sustaining it by also making the big bucks.

Kem’s Kids

Image of Kem with his kids
Kem with his kids

The couple’s love resulted in not only one or two children; it blossomed into five beautiful kids. Troi, Laylah, Kristoffer, Trinity, and Israel are their kids.

Although their other personal details are not yet revealed to the public, it is known that two of their kids came after they got married. Maybe one of these five kids would also grow to follow in their parents’ footsteps and pursue a career in the music industry.

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