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Is Kelly Slater Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids: Taylor

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Image of Kelly Slater with his wife, Kalani Miller

Robert Kelly Slater, professionally known as Kelly Slater, is a professional surfer from the United States of America, best known for winning the World Surf League championship for eleven times, which is a set record. Due to his accomplishments, he is considered to be one of the greatest professional surfers ever.

The Florida town of Cocoa Beach, where Slater grew up, is still home to him. The son of a bait-store owner, he began surfing at the age of five and has never looked back.

He began winning age-division competitions at the age of ten and went on to win his first United States championship title at the age of ten in 1984. When Kelly competed at the World Amateur Championships two years later, he finished third among juniors.

Continue reading below to learn more about Kelly Slater’s wife and present relationship. Is he married?

Find out about it along with his kids!

Kelly Slater’s present relationship

Image of Kelly Slater with his wife, Kalani Miller

Kelly Slater with his wife, Kalani Miller

Kelly and his girlfriend, Kalani, have been dating for the past 15 years and are currently thinking about getting married. Over fifteen years ago, the couple first connected with one another at a convention held in San Diego.

Despite the fact that they both worked for divisions of the same parent corporation, the two had never met before that show. When asked about her experience of meeting him for the first time, she told Graham Bensinger in October 2019 that “time really did stop.”

Before they even started dating, the two of them had already developed a close friendship and feelings for one another. Following Kelly’s declaration of love for Kalani, she stated that she was initially perplexed by the news, but after giving herself some time to process it, she admitted that she felt the same way about him as she did about herself.

France was the setting for their very first date, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Fifteen years is a very long time, and by that point, the vast majority of couples will have tied the knot and started a family.

The pair could get married, but for the time being, they are more focused on their professions than getting married. In a recent interview, Kelly Slater’s girlfriend expressed her hope that the couple would eventually tie the knot and start a family together.

She also mentioned that they are both still very busy at the moment, so we can only hope that this will change sometime.

Kalani Miller’s Biography

Kalani Miller, a well-known Instagrammer, is also an accomplished artist and a successful businesswoman. Kelly Skater’s bond with her propelled her to popularity on Instagram, where she gained more than 100,000 followers.

Kalani and her sister have been running their online swimwear business MIKOH since 2008 when they first got together. Born in California on the 25th day of July 1987, Kalani Miller is already 34 years old, although her young appearance may fool anyone.

The daughter of Charlene and Jim Miller, Kalani Miller, was born in California. A landscape architect was her father’s profession, while her mother was a designer of interiors.

Oleema and Hana, two of Kalani’s sisters, and Jason, a brother, round out the family. She is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality.

Kalani and her sister Oleema grew up in San Clemente, a tiny coastal town in California. They spent a lot of time at the water.

They toured and surfed together as teenagers, gaining inspiration and knowledge that they have now incorporated into their business model and identity. She even spent her early years as a painter and model as a result of her passion for the arts.

UC Santa Barbara is where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications. Kalani and her sister got their start in business at the tender age of 21 and have since worked their way to the top.

She and her sister Oleema founded the swimwear boutique MIKOH together.

Kelly Slater’s kids

Taylor Slater is the only child and daughter of the professional surfer Kelly with his soon-to-be wife, Kalani. Taylor was born in 1996 and is currently 26 years old; her exact birth date is yet to be disclosed.

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