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Jon Rahm Wife Kelley Cahill Wikipedia Biography

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Images of Jon Rahm's wife, Kelley Cahill

The world of sports is constantly introducing fresh new faces, and among them are Jon Rahm and his beautiful wife, Kelley. Every fan of this golfer is aware of his accolades, but very few are familiar with his newly wedded wife. Kelley Cahill came to the spotlight ever since associating with Jon, and she brings a great story with her.

Kelley is not only a famous wife but a lifelong athlete and a new mother.

Family and Early Life

Kelley Cahill’s date of birth falls on February 23, 1994, a week after Valentine’s day. Born in February, Kelley’s zodiac sign is Pisces. She is the female child of Rob and Nancy Cahill, who raised her in Portland’s Lake Oswego in Oregon.

Moreover, this Portland native also shares a brother whose name is Marty Cahill. Reports suggest that Marty is also a graduate from the University of Arizona and is a businessman who served for the Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Timbers, and Get Beyond.

At the moment, Kelley’s parents and siblings moved from Portland and now reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Kelley Cahill got her educational qualification in biology from Arizona State University after graduating from Chaparral High School in Portland. This was the same place where Kelley met her future husband.

But studying biology was not the only thing that Kelley did in the university. Kelley Cahill actively participated in sports and was a fine athlete during her college days. Perhaps studying the biological anatomies of the human body inspired Kelley to get ripped as well.

At the Arizona State University, Kelley played in Javelin Throwing competitions where she was a pro at throwing. Moreover, she earned the nickname of Sun Devils. Likewise, Kelley also played tennis and won several tournaments. In addition, Kelley’s profile is listed as a two-star recruit by the Tennis Recruiting Network.


At 27 years of age, Kelley is still trying to keep her feet affixed in a career. We know that Kelley has high enthusiasm for sports as she is an athlete. However, the recent birth of her child has put Kelley’s athletic career on hold.

Nonetheless, Kelley is an outstanding player ever since her college days, and till now, she still competes in various sports. In 2014, Kelley finished eighth in the javelin throwing competition at the ASU Invitational, where she hit the distance of 33.49 m. A year before that, Kelley recorded her best throw of 34.92 m in the same event.

Some reports suggest that Kelley is a sports recruit and helps athletic students find the right college.

Kelley Cahill Net Worth

Kelley Cahill holds a net worth of about $500k as of 2021. However, she shares her husband’s outstanding net worth of $20 million. Hence, Kelley’s life is pretty much set, thanks to her husband’s earnings.


Kelley Cahill came to the limelight thanks to her husband, Jon Rahm. Jon Rahm is an accomplished golf player and a former athlete. Under his belt, Jon won the Memorial Tournament in 2020, ranking him first in the Official World Golf Ranking.

The two-time winner of the Ben Hogan Award recently won the 2021 US Open, where his wife and son joined the victory party. Before winning the trophy, Jon was suffering from Covid19. Luckily, Jon’s wife and child were safe.

The 26-year-old golfer originated from Spain and has been playing golf since 2016. Moreover, Jon played golf on his campus too, where he met Kelley. By the time, Kelley was a standout javelin thrower, whereas Jon was a star golf star. Since then, Kelley and Jon have dated one another.

Kelly Cahil looking happy with her husband, Jon Rahm
An Athlete, Kelly Cahil, and her husband, Jon Rahm.

Married Life

Kelley tied the knot with her successful husband in December 2019. Before uniting as one, Kelley and Jon were living together for two years. As for their marriage, Jon took Kelley to his homeland in Bilbao, Spain, and married at a holy place called The Basilica de Begoña.

Kelley wore a fabulous strapless wedding gown for their marriage, and Rahm had a premium blue suit. Before this wedding, Kelley’s husband received $5.5 million for winning DP World Tour Championship Sunday.

There is no doubt that Kelley is her husband’s biggest fan. She often tours alongside him and cheers for Jon during his game. Within just two years of their marriage, Kelley and Jon conceived their first child.


Most recently, Kelley became a proud mother of a baby boy. He is a three-month-old kid who was born on April 3, 2021. Kelley and her husband gave him a Spanish name, Kepa Cahill Rahm. It seems that Rahm is a fan of the Athletic Bilbao football team and named his son after the club’s former goalkeeper.

While Kepa was still inside his mother’s womb, the parents were in a great dilemma. At the time of his due date, Kepa’s father had a big golf game in The Masters season. However, if Kelley were to go on labor, Jon Rahm had promised to leave the season in the middle to be with his wife.

Luckily, Kepa did a favor for his father and came to the world earlier so that his father could play without worry. The three-month-old Kepa weighs 7.2lb and stands at 20.5 ins.

Recently, Kepa attended the golf event with Kelley to support his father.

Kelly looking happy with her baby boy, Kelly Cahil
Kelly Cahil, wife of Jon Rahm with her baby boy.

Body Measurements

Kelley Cahill’s athletic body reveals how much effort she has put into her training. The aesthetically build body of Kelley has six packs and toned muscles on different parts of the body. Kelley’s exact body measurements read the following:

Height 5′ 7” or 170 cm
Weight 64 kg or 141 lbs
Breast Size 36 Inches
Waist Size 26 Inches
Hips Size 36 Inches

Apart from throwing javelins and playing tennis, Kelley also works out to maintain a perfect body figure. Although her Instagram page is a private one, her follower can see her boxing, lifting weights, and perform high-energy workouts on social media.

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