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Keith David is Married to Wife: Dionne Lea Williams. Kids.

Image of Keith David with his wife, Dionne Lea Williams

Keith David Williams, professionally known as Keith David, is a famed actor and producer in the United States. He has appeared in over 300 roles spanning film, theatre, television, and interactive media and is famous for the trademark deep voice and powerful screen presence he brings to each job.

Films such as The Thing, a science fiction horror film; Platoon, a war film; They Live, a science fiction film; and many other films featured him in starring or supporting roles.

David was born on the 4th day of June 1956 in Harlem, located in New York City, but spent his childhood in Corona, which is located in Queens. Both of his parents worked for New York Telephone; his mother, Dolores, held a manager position, and his father, Lester Williams, was the payroll operations director.

Learn more about American actor and producer Keith David’s wife, Dionne Lea Williams, and the couple’s marriage. Furthermore, discover details regarding Keith’s kids!

Keith David has been married to his wife Dionne Lea Williams since 2001

Image of Keith David with his wife, Dionne Lea Williams
Keith David with his wife, Dionne Lea Williams

The American actor and producer has been married to his wife, Dionne Lea Williams, since 2001 and has been in love ever since. The couple chose to have a small wedding on the 28th day of April 2001, and only a few of their closest friends and family members were there for the occasion.

It is believed that they initially encountered one another in 1992 through a familiar friend, even though they have kept most of their relationship a secret from the public. After their initial encounter, there was an instant connection between them, and it did not take long before they started dating.

Now, David even went so far as to write a post in which he discussed his initial encounter with Dionne, now his wife, and how their relationship altered the course of his life. He also included a photo of himself with his wife in the post.

The couple has been married for more than twenty years, and they have been together for thirty years. Their affection for one another does not appear to have weakened.

Dionne Lea Williams’ Biography

Dionne Lea Williams is an actress who has worked in film, television, and the stage. She is most known for her roles in various productions, including Dolphin Island and Ray Meets Helen, amongst others.

Similarly, Keith David’s wife is also a famous cabaret singer. After marrying the renowned actor Keith David, she began her popularity search.

She has amassed an incredible amount of fame and accomplished a great deal of professional accomplishment over the years. In addition to all of her accomplishments, she maintains a strong relationship with her husband and has two children.

Dionne, an accomplished singer and actress was born in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States of America. As of the year 2021, she will be 46 years old.

Williams also possesses an excellent academic background, having graduated from the esteemed Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Keith David’s wife earned an MFA in Acting from the school.

Similarly, she graduated from The University of Evansville with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre. Keith David’s wife has been interested in the performing arts from a very young age, and she began her school career by participating in storytelling, singing, and theater acting.

She has gradually evolved into the role of a genuine performer throughout her career.

Keith David’s Kids

Image of Keith David with his wife, Dionne Lea Williams, and their daughters, Maelee and Ruby Williams
Keith David with his wife, Dionne Lea Williams, and their daughters, Maelee and Ruby Williams

Maelee Williams

She is the eldest daughter of the well-known actor Keith with his beautiful wife, Dionne. Maelee was born on the 9th day of August 2001 and is turning 21 years old this year.

Ruby Williams

She is the youngest daughter of Keith David with his wife, Dionne. Ruby was born on the 23rd day of April 2004 and is 18 years old.

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