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Keb Mo is Married to Wife: Robbie Brooks Moore

Image of Keb Mo with his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore

Kevin Roosevelt Moore, commonly known as Keb Mo, is a renowned musician, singer, and composer from the USA. His post-modern blues approach is influenced by a wide variety of eras and musical genres, such as folk, rock, jazz, pop, and country music.

His first drummer, Quentin Dennard, came up with the nickname “Keb Mo,” and his record label used it as a “street talk” version of his given name. Keb Mo began his career as a musician by participating in a calypso band where he played the steel drums.

After that, he played in several blues and backup bands during the 1970s and 1980s. It was through an R&B group that he made his debut as a recording artist in the early 1970s, working alongside Jefferson Airplane and Papa John Creach.

Are you interested in Keb Mo and his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore? Her Biography and their kids together? Then read this article to learn more.

Keb Mo has been Married to his Wife, Robbie Brooks Moore, since 2006

Image of Keb Mo with his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore
Keb Mo with his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore

Keb Mo is happily married to a woman named Robbie Brooks Moore and has been together for almost two decades. In 2006, Keb Mo and his wife Robbie tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony that was witnessed only by their immediate family and a few close friends.

The couple became parents to a son who they named K. Roosevelt after they had been for a total of sixteen years. Nevertheless, no rumours are flying around about them getting a divorce; therefore, it is clear that they are still in love with one another.

The renowned musician occasionally takes his wife, who is also a singer, to concerts, where the two of them perform together and sing duets.

Keb Mo’s Past Relationships

Amid all the recognition he had left in his legacy, there are still unanswered and unsettled questions surrounding his life, one of which is his dating history. Because of this void yet to be answered, it left people thinking that it might be possible that Robbie had been his first and only lover.

However, it will all remain as rumours until the man himself confirms or denies any of the allegations circulating the internet today.

Robbie Brooks Moore’s Biography

Unfortunately, she is not one of those famous for their achievements in life; instead, she is known as the wife of a well-known singer and songwriter. Unfortunately, Robbie has not disclosed any information about her past, like her parents’ names, her age, the profession she holds, or the day she was born.

We are under the impression that Keb Mo’s wife is a low-key individual who avoids the spotlight whenever possible. On the other hand, Robbie cannot be reached through any of the social media sites.

Don’t worry; We will update this post if new details concerning Keb Mo’s wife become available.

Keb Mo’s Kids

Image of Keb Mo with his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore, and their son, Kevin Roosevelt
Keb Mo with his wife, Robbie Brooks Moore, and their son, Kevin Roosevelt

Unfortunately, his son Kevin Roosevelt’s birth date and age are unavailable to the public. He is the only child of the renowned musician and his wife, Robbie.

However, he is also following in the great footsteps of his old man by harnessing his talent and becoming a fellow musician.

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